Gearing Up!

Wow. Time just seems to fly lately – I can’t believe it is the middle of January already! Whoooosh!

I’m finally at a point where I feel all caught up from my surgery, at least behind the scenes. Now it is time for the “public” side of things to get caught up! I’m a huge believer in transparency, so I want to share with you what things are ahead!

1. Moving the blog to the root of the site. Right now, when you visit, you land at a splash page. Personally? I hate splash pages. When I’m surfing the web, I want to get right to the information. On top of that, the Flash portion of the site is not search engine friendly, or good for people who have accessibility needs. The geek in me knows all of this, and it has bothered me for months. Back in October, I decided I should move the blog up front. Then life got in the way. So it is the first thing that is going to happen – maybe even tonight!

If you have feedback on this, I truly welcome it! I held off in doing it at first because I was concerned that some might feel that viewing the blog first is not as professional. I will be changing the layout of the blog some, making it user friendly and easy to navigate to sub-sections of the site. After looking at how visitors use the site, I think it is really the best option, and will make for the best experience for everyone that visits!

(UPDATE: The move is done! Let me know if anything is acting weird for you.)

2. Now that I’m all caught up on proofing and everyone has their proofs (with the exception of Sarah & Adrian’s wedding – that one is still in the works), I’ll be posting my favorites from November & December, along with slideshows, in order of events.
– Lauren & Dante’s Wedding
– Andi & Jason’s Engagement Session
– Mariely & Mauro’s Wedding
– Brandi & Donald’s Engagement Session
– Liz & Dave’s Engagement Session

3. The new billing system is going into place at the same time! I’ll be using ShootQ from now on, with all of its fabulous features. There will be a learning curve, I am sure, so I may be using manual invoices meanwhile. This is mainly worth noting here as I send out requests for you to update your contact information in ShootQ and so you know about it when the first invoices go out.

4. Next up, a revamping of the portfolio. It is great to show things off in the blog – and since it always has the most recent work that is why I am moving the blog to the root of the site – but the portfolio itself needs to be freshened up.

5. Right along with refreshing the online portfolio, it is time to get more sample albums and refresh the print portfolio too!

My goal is to have all of this done by the end of the week. I’ll let you know how it goes!

By Christine

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