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Episode 27
Kevin Lowery, Masculinity, and the Skin Like Dawn Project

Kevin Lowery is an intimate portrait (boudoir), lifestyle, and wedding photographer based in the Metro Atlanta area. Kevin’s work is known for its human connection and vulnerability, and he strives to make photos with every client that push boundaries and dare to go deeper than skin-deep. Kevin lives in Marietta, GA with his husband and…

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Paul Pruitt on The Life Boss Show

Episode 26
From Millionaire to Rock Bottom and Back Again with Paul Pruitt

Paul Pruitt has personally taught tens of thousands of sales people around the world over the past 24 years about marketing, sales, branding, and more. He was a national trainer and speaker and traveled throughout the United States training salespeople in workshops, seminars, and from the stage. During these years as a Real Estate agency…

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Episode 25
Creative Work and Chronic Illness with Kait Masters

Kait Masters of Larkspur + Laurel is a part-time artist, full-time community support professional, and a chronic illness/disability advocate. She was diagnosed with a rare neuromuscular disease as a child, and the act of creating became one of the most important parts of management and acceptance of her condition. Her passion for art, advocacy, and…

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Episode 24
Being Financially Smart with Courtney Zerizef

If you’re like me, and most other creatives, you just want to bury your head in the sand and not have to deal with the numbers when it comes to business. Don’t worry, Courtney Zerizef has you covered! Her incredible Homeroom helps you become financially wiser when it comes to pricing, profitability, and preparing for…

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Episode 23
Time Management & Social Media with Abbey Kyhl

My guest this episode is Abbey Khyl, founder and chief strategist for Seven Summers Creative and photographer and lead for AK Studio & Design. Abbey’s core mission with Seven Summers is to help people be BETTER – better business owners, better parents, better spouses. In a very intertwined way, this all comes down to managing…

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Episode 22
Bringing YOU into Your Business with Tim Riddick

Tim Riddick is a wedding photographer and taco enthusiast (taconnoisseur?) from Washington, D.C. who believes in the power of positivity and personal connections in driving business. Tim’s sense of authenticity and complete self is a key part of how he presents his business online. Instead of separating personal and professional websites, he has combined these…

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Jamie Larson, Founder of The Snap Society, discusses pricing for profit on The Life Boss Show

Episode 21
Things You Must Do in Your Business Before Raising Your Rates with Jamie Larson

Jamie Larson, founder of The Snap Society, joins me today to discuss the things you must do in your business before you raise your rates. Jamie lives in Denver, Colorado with her family, but started her photography business about 10 years ago while they were living in San Antonio, Texas. As her business grew and…

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Episode 20
The Importance of LGBTQ+ Inclusive Language with Cassandra Zetta

Cassandra Zetta is a wedding photographer based in Cincinnati that believes it is every human being’s right to love and be loved, and that all love needs to be celebrated. In this episode, Cassandra shares insights, perspectives and tips on better engaging with and serving the LGBTQ+ community. The fundamental idea driving this is that…

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Taking a stand in your brand with Lucy Baber

Episode 19
Taking a Stand in Your Brand with Lucy Baber

Lucy Baber is a family photographer and self-described “art activist” in Philadelphia. In this episode, I talk with Lucy about what that social activism means to her, the risks and bravery of taking a stand in your brand and your work, and the joy and fulfillment that comes with bringing your full self to connect…

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Episode 18
Virtual In Person Sales to Increase Your Profits with Chris Scott

After a session, we often put our pictures in online galleries for our clients to choose from – but just as often, they’re left trying to decide what to do with that and focusing on the wrong things. Switching to in-person sales is a powerful way to guide your clients through that, improving their experience…

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Christine Tremoulet

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