Stay Fun - Christine Tremoulet

Your story matters and is the key to your success

You Are Your Business Years ago, my business was one of many in very a crowded market.

I was forcing myself to be the same as everyone else. I told myself that the way to success was to follow the latest trends, use the colors of the moment, convey my message in marketing lingo that I would never naturally use.

It was like wearing the most uncomfortable outfit I owned every day, and left me feeling miserable.

Are you tired of trying to conform? Doing all the “right” things, and feeling the life being sucked out of you?

Wasn’t the reason you became an entrepreneur and started that business so that you could be successful on your terms and build the life of your dreams? Instead, is it draining the life out of you?

I was there. Everything changed when I decided to stop and instead just BE ME.

First step was to get clear on who I am again.
Everyone says to be authentic, but what if you’re not even sure what that means anymore?

I help you define who you are now so that you can connect with your ideal clients.
To get to the core of who you are, the passion that drives you.
To gain clarity on what you want to share with the world.
To define what success in your life looks like for you – and to see what it will take for you to reach your goals.

You need to find your voice again. Your confidence.

When you build your business around that? No one can compete with you!


Christine Tremoulet's manifesto - the core Foundation for Business & Life

About Me

Once I uncovered my core, found clarity, and was confident? I took my years of blogging experience and started to share my message with the world. No longer talking only about the products of my work, but instead focusing on my experiences. My stories. My life.

I built the business I had always wanted, one that stood out in my market. I found the success I had always craved, and my competition all seemed to melt away.

Even if others are doing the same thing you do? No one else has your life experience. People can copy what you do, but no one can copy who YOU ARE.

When you choose to stand up and been seen, people can not help but notice.

Now? My business brings me the ideal clients that I love working with – and who love me in return.

It all becomes effortless when you stop trying to sell what you do and instead start sharing who you ARE.

You can not be everything to everyone. You MUST be everything to YOU.

My Superpower: Helping you grow your Confidence. My mission? Helping you embrace your story, your strengths, what makes you unique. Flaws, imperfections, all of it.

There is power in sharing your story. It is how we all connect with one another. It will bring you your success.

Are you ready to Brand YOU with Confidence?