Your Session

Most of our sessions take place at our studio space in the Heights area of Houston, Texas, where we work in a charming two story Victorian house on Heights Boulevard. The upstairs is what I like to refer to as the beauty zone, our own private woman-only space, where your makeup will be done by Jennifer Aronson before your portrait session with me. We will go through the outfits you have brought with you, decide on the order, and from there? Well, it is hard to describe, but I promise you’ll have a fabulous time!

We do also do sessions on location, from hotel rooms in Houston or across the country or your home. Just contact me and we’ll discuss what you are looking for and how we can make it happen!

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To set up your session or to ask any questions you might have, click here to contact me.

Most of our clients come in to do a session as gift for that special someone – and leave with the very best gift for themselves. We can not wait to work with you!