Your Body Language Control Over Your Mind

I am so absolutely intrigued by this TED talk from Amy Cuddy about your body language control over your mind. After extensive research, they discovered the simplest changes in your body language that you can make that can physically change your body’s chemistry and how others perceive you.

A simple thing that can improve your confidence in ways that science can measure.

I had to share it to help you out, and as a reminder for myself. Next time you see me walking around for 2 minutes with my hands in the air, or posed like Wonder Woman (I mean, I am an Avenger after all…) you will know why. Pay no attention to me, I’ll just be shifting my body chemistry!

I enjoyed the entire video, but if you want to dive right in to the good stuff, it is about 11 minutes in!


  1. Jenny, Bloggess on February 28, 2015 at 7:42 PM

    Love this.

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