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Where Are the Photographs?

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I’m a bit behind in posting photos here, and I apologize. I have several slideshows in the queue too, but they most likely won’t be online until next week.

When I moved from the PC to the Mac, I didn’t move PhotoShop to the Mac. I prefer to post images online that have my watermark on them so that if people want to download them to use for inspiration photos, they know where they came from. To put the watermark on the image, I have to open them in PhotoShop. Without the software installed, that meant going to the PC laptop with my photos on an external drive, opening them, making the edit, and saving them, then coming back here to write the post. Whew!

Tomorrow, I’ll be buying a copy of PhotoShop for the Mac. (I need to keep my PC license, otherwise I would just work with Adobe to transfer it.) I’m actually pretty excited about things getting back to normal around here with the postings!

I’ll also be working with Mike (my tech geek!) to get the software running properly that I use to create the online slideshows. Until now, I’ve been doing those on the PC too. It will be so nice to finally be completely moved over!

Check back next week for updates!

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Love your blog, Christine. Very clean and polished. Found you via SWPB. Thanks for all the great advice. I’m in the process of following some of it! –nice butterfly, too!

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