Weddings in Houston Magazine!

Back in mid-May, I made the decision to advertise in the latest issue of Weddings in Houston magazine. At the time, all of the wedding and portrait goodness was over at Fresh Photography site. Well, ok, it is still over there in a way – but it is permanently going to be over here! Matter of fact, the decision to launch this site was a hard one, since the ad had already gone to print.

Then I went to Elevate, hosted by Garrett & Joy Nudd, and in my one-on-one meeting with the Nudds, Ann Hamilton and Gene Higa, and at the end of it all, I decided that I really wanted to keep all of my wedding and portrait work over here, at the new site. It makes it easier for people to find what they need on both sites!

So if you see the ad and you make your way over here, now you know the story behind the move! My creative, artistic “not people” pictures will be over at Fresh Photography, and my here you will find my wedding photography!

Christine Tremoulet - Business Coach for Professional Photographers

Author: Christine

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  • You are just wonderful and so incredibly talented, Christine! It was great to meet you at elevate and I just love your new website! Keep up the great work!