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The DressLiene from Blue Orchid Blog posted a recap today of some of her great posts from the past full of wedding photography advice, and I wanted to be sure to point out a few of them!

Wedding Makeup Tips – great makeup helps us take great photos! Wearing makeup doesn’t mean you have to look like someone you’re not — they can do very natural makeup that will look wonderful in photos.

Bring Hangers for Your Photos – we all LOVE a good dress shot, but do you really want your dress shot to be of your dress on a wire hanger? No more wire hangers! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.) Put your dress on a pretty hanger, and it will look even more beautiful when you look back at your photographs.

Know Your Rights – I offer a DVD of wedding photographs to clients, which includes a print release (or a reproduction release). I try to emphasize what that means, but this post goes through it in even better detail. I’ll be writing something similar myself soon. The post also talks about the perks of seeing one another before the wedding day.

I love reading the different wedding blogs out there, and I’m always looking for new ones! What are some of your favorites? All of my favorites can be found over at!

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