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Tuscany of Garden Oaks & Bella Terraza Displaced Brides

I’ve been wrapped up in weddings and worrying about my brides & grooms that are dealing with Hurricane Ike issues, and then I heard from Mariae Bui of Pink Posh Photography about the Tuscany of Garden Oaks and Bella Terraza and the Displaced Brides due to the venues filing bankruptcy.


How horrible to deal with Ike, only to find out that your venue has filed bankruptcy – leaving you in a lurch and without your initial payments to them! (You can learn more about the story on Channel 13 KTRK’s site.)

She emailed me to ask if I would be interested in helping couples out – and I responded with a hearty “YES!!!” So I’m extending the same offer that she did – in her own words, what I would like to do is offer one (1) displaced Tuscany of Garden Oaks or Bella Terraza bride my photography services, free of charge.

Based on my 2008 – 2009 calendar availability (and my choice), I will offer one displaced couple who does not already have a photographer:
– One portrait session (choice of engagement, bridal or boudoir)
– 6 hours of wedding day photography coverage with two photographers
– All high-resolution digital images on DVD with a print release
– In response to an email question I had yesterday – yes, you could choose to purchase an album or add extra hours if 6 isn’t enough; we would discuss that and work out all the details ahead of time.

For all others, I will offer a 15% off of my normal rates.

What you need to provide:
– A copy of your contract to verify that you are a displaced Tuscany of Garden Oaks or Bella Terraza bride.
– Your new venue and wedding date so I can see if I’m available
– A paragraph describing your situation (that you won’t mind me sharing on the blog if I select you)
– And a photo of you & your fiance if I choose you (optional – to go with that blog post)

Please contact me using the contact link on the site. I will announce who I picked on November 1st. (I am considering November & December 2008 dates also based on availability.)

For the other brides that I don’t select, I would be happy to set up a Boudoir Marathon of hour long shoots at the studio in the Heights – we would just need to coordinate a day! The shoot would be free, and you can select any prints or albums you would like to purchase at that time.

Also, I would also like to encourage some of my photography colleagues, as well as other wedding industry professionals to see if they are able to assist in any way. If you would also like to offer your services to the displaced brides and do not know how to reach them, I would be happy to post your information on my blog.

As I mentioned above, Mariae of Pink Posh Photography, Eric of Serendipity Photography, Donna of Paper Dolls Houston, Kelley of KD Loftis Photography, Joanna of JTG Studio, and Jason of Table 4 Photography are all extending similar offers. My friend Corey, who lives in Ohio, has also extended the same offer to brides who would be willing to buy her round trip ticket to Houston – and I’ll let her stay at our house and shoot with her if I’m available that day. (If you are too, let me know!)

Thanks to Google, I found a bit more about this over on The Knot forums. I’ve had enough experiences with vendors leaving brides in a bad situation like this – it just makes me so sad. Ugh. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you!

Update: For details on other vendors offering help to couples impacted by this, visit the ABC 13 blog. There are more details on their website too. KHOU also has a forum post about the situation. Sabrina of Chic Soiree also has helpful information on her website.

By Christine

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So long as I have the date open and the bride would be willing to pay my airfare (I’ll pay for the hotel and the rest of my travel) I’d be willing to do this for the same deal you’re offering if they want me. 🙂

You are such a doll Christine!

Christine, I just want to say again that I really appreciate you jumping on board with this. It is really disheartening to hear how some brides are not only dealing with Hurricane Ike damage to their personal property, but also having to go through this just a few days after Ike hit. Thank you thank you thank you for mentioning this on your blog and helping me get the word out there!

First, I extend my sympathies to all of you dealing with the mess this company has left all of us in. I have, like most of you, paid for my daughter’s wedding in full that was to take place next year at the Tuscany in Garden Oaks. Upon watching the news on Channel 13 I found out with jaw dropped that the company was filing for bankrupcy! This ofcourse, was a blow to me as I sat in a state of shock. I called my daughter who had apparently just heard the same news! Furious I began pulling out all of the financials, contracts, phone numbers etc… I tried calling the main number to find it out of service, I then tried to contact the coordinator, no luck, I then emailed the coordinator and copied also the manager who I did not have a number for.

This is what I have found out and have filed with the DA’s office,

Titus Inc. dba The Chef’s Table
(could also be TitusGSI Inc.)
Owned by Carolyn James and Daniel Blasingame

On Saturday Sept. 20th the employees were told that the company was filing Chapter 7 on Monday. That they were welcome to get their items from their desks and that the company was unable to give them their paychecks.

At the same time another group of people were loading up all of the equipment, the employees were told that everything was being sold to “SYEED” so that they could pay for the banckrupcy.

I was told that the employees were in the process of filing with the labor board and getting an attorney to file with the DA.

One other piece of important information to know is that the “SYEED” person runs a place called KIM SON BALLROOM downtown, he has a lot of the files and is contacting brides to offer them services. It was made VERY clear to myself that this person is the front person for Daniel Blasingame.

I cannot express how angry this information made me, but I am going to go with my daughter’s wishes and handle this legally. If I cannot retrieve the $28,000 dollars that I paid and see the smile on my daughter’s face because her day has been ruined, I can at least try to put this con-artist in jail and maybe keep him from doing this to anyone else !!!!!

These are the emails I have:

Dear Upset Dad, are you going to file a lawsuit on your own or as a group? We too were take for nearly 20,000.00, and now we have no funds or a location for our daughter’s Jan 17th wedding. This is a complete nightmare and these con-artists need to be held accountable for their actions.

Upset Mom & Dad

I paid $14,311.20 for a May 16,2009 wedding for my daughter.

Let me know if you find a lawyer to file a criminal lawsuit I will be in. Best way to reach me at is at Cell 713-702-3097 or on my email at

Lets get together and take some action regarding this matter.

Mary Jane.

Edited by Christine: If you haven’t checked out the forums I’ve linked on the news sites already, I would be sure to do so — there is a lot more talk over there of people banding together for lawsuits.

And just a disclaimer: I’m in no way affiliated with Bella Terraza or their other companies — I just want to do what I can to help these couples out. If you need a photographer and would like to be included in my selection options, be sure to contact me as detailed above.

Hi, Christine,

I would like to also help out the bride that you choose to offer a free session. I also feel terrible for these brides that were were put in this situation. I am also willing to help out other brides with their decorating needs. Maybe not all free but at least half off their bill if I have it in stock. Please let me know ASAP. I will also get others to join in. That is the least we can do to help these brides and their families do.


Carmen Loreto


Did you have a deposit or contract with Bella Terrazza or Tuscany for wedding services? If you have not been married yet, there might be a special opportunity for you. Please email by Wednesday, October 22, 2008, for details.

Hi Christine!
It feels like I’ve been shooting weddings every weekend for months now and I’m so out of the loop. Hopefully, I’m not too late but I’d like to help. It would be an honor to to follow yours and other photographers’ example and offer the same deal.

Wow! You’re so sweet. I know it’s a late reply, but Rachael Ray hosted displaced brides and grooms this past weekend as stated in Houston Chronicle today and I wanted to see if there were any more updates to this doomed company…I came across this blog and it was so considerate of you! Hope it went well with the brides.

I’m getting married myself (not at either one of those venues, of course) and I cannot imagine what those jilted brides were going through. I really hope all of them get married without any further complications.

Honestly, I had a BAD feeling when my mom and I went to Tuscany – It was ALL CONCRETE when we toured. They were not even HALFWAY finished back in Feb and they said they would start doing weddings there in March…?? My mom and I were like, hmm?

I am so disgusted with both venues and I hope all the brides get their money back somehow!!


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