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This past weekend, I attended a workshop with the amazing talent behind Tri-Coast Photography and learned things about my own equipment that I didn’t even think was possible. Getting together with other photographers is always such and AMAZING experience, especially nice when it is a number of photographers that live right in the greater Houston area so we can get together again and again.

I am a big believer in learning all that I can so that I have even more “tools” in my mental toolkit to use when confronted with different photography situations – especially when it comes to lighting. You never know when a venue might be less than ideal to lending itself to the shot you want to get. Knowledge is power, because it gives you options and therefore control.

I left Houston just 12 hours after I got home from the workshop to head up here to New York City. I love New York! I have a newborn shoot today, and then I’ll spend the rest of the day out and about exploring the city. I’ll only be here for 48 hours total, so I’m trying to make the most of it!

I’ll return to Houston on Wednesday, only to leave 20 hours later to assist with shooting a wedding in Asheville, North Carolina with Regina Holder and then attending a workshop hosted by Corey McNabb. The next two weeks are going to a be a whirlwind!

I am receiving phone calls and answering emails via my BlackBerry, so feel free to contact me! For now I have internet access, but I’m trying to keep my online time down because there is too much to see and do out there!

Both of these photos are from the workshop; it was truly a good time!

The Light, Part 2

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