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Trash the Dress – Texas Style!

While I am a member of the Texas Photo Forums, I didn’t get to participate in this: Trash the Dress shoot-out in Downtown Houston. I’m still in recovery mode and not allowed to run around town taking photos this extreme – yet! Just give me a week or two. Check out more details on the megashoot that they did last weekend at Urban Trash the Dress. Some of the crazy cool photos can be found at the One Talent Source forums too.

I love the idea of a “Fearless Bridal” session. I don’t want to trash dresses – that just sounds so negative. I just want to shoot without fear of getting it dirty! I’m hoping that there are other brides out there that love the idea as much as I do.

I love it so much, I want to extend the offer that the first THREE people that contact me, with a dress that fits in hand, willing to do a session like this get the session FOR FREE! If your groom is willing to come in slacks, a shirt and a nice tie, even better!


Details: 1-2 hour session, valued at $300, for free. 3 8×10 prints of your choice also included. Oh, and I’m not responsible for permanent damage to the dress, including tears, sequins or beading falling off or embroidery being snagged. I don’t plan anything that should cause these things to happen, but they could. You’ve been warned. Mainly, we’ll get the dress dirty, and the cleaners should be able to easily fix it. Should being a very key word here. High-resolution image files included for free also *if* you have booked me for your wedding day.

So? Who is game? Anyone want to go out and play? Who wants to be a fearless bride?

By Christine

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ohhhh, I LOVE the sound of “fearless bride”! While I’ve loved the whole Trash The Dress idea, and taking these photos have been SO MUCH FUN, I know so many people have cringed at the name and I had to show them photos for the them to “get” the idea.

Fearless Bride is such an empowering term. LOVE IT!


You’re awesome–what a fabulous gift to give to three very lucky girls.
I love the rename of ttd to fearless–that sounds so much better.
I can’t wait to see the photos from your sessions.
Hope your back to 100% soon.

Hey Christine! I love this idea and want to copy it for Raleigh-area brides if you’ll let me! I think you are so right about not calling the session a “trash the dress” session — even if she’s “done” with her dress, who wants to “trash” something so special? Great thinking! It was so great to meet you at the McNabb workshop and I loved the story of the wedding day rescue you pulled off. Hope you are well on your way to a full recovery! Can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with next!

I would love to participate! Let me know if you are still looking for brides! My wedding is 4/05/08, so anytime after that, I am game!

Mrs. Tremoulet,
as an amateur photographer myself, I find your work beautiful and creative. As a husband of four wonderful years I was trying to come up with an idea for my wife’s birthday, when I came across the idea of “trashing your dress.” This sounds like something that would be perfect for my wife and I was wondering if you had chosen anyone yet. If not then I would be extremely interested in setting something like this up for my wife! If the spots are already filled then that is okay and wish you all the best in your professional career, and keep producing wonderful photographs!
Christopher Garza

Sounds like fun to me! Unfortunately I’m just staring this planning drama..My wedding isn’t until 6-13-09, so if you can’t find anyone until after then..count me in! and.. I’ll be sure to drag the groom along too..would it be worth the wait if I threw in a few bridesmaids?


I love the idea of trashing the wedding dress, and your pictures are lovely. However I invite you with a challenge to get dirtier, railroad track, pig farm, mud, woods, something that’s so ugly by nature but transformed to a work of art with photography. Let me know if you will to step outside of the box, shot me an email if so.
Thank you

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