Thinking about Proposing? Capture the Memory!

She said YES!

Back in early 2007, I accidentally caught a proposal as it took place. I was doing a photo shoot for a friend on the rooftop of the Tremont in Galveston, Texas, and I had noticed Amy & Zach off to the side while we were up there. When I heard her happy squeal, I instinctively spun around and started snapping. I caught her as she hugged him and said yes. I waited a bit, and then told them what happened, and that I had photos. It was the coolest thing!

With New Year’s eve just days away, I realized I should post about this here! Planning to propose to that special someone — on New Year’s eve or any other time — and want photos to capture the special moment? Let me know! I’m available to come out with the long lens and the camera, act very stealth like, and capture the whole thing! I’m a photo ninja! Let me know!

Kiss with a Kick!
Amy & Zach’s Engagement Session!

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