The Photographer’s Planner from Colorvale – a Review

The Photographer's Planner by Colorvale Review - this is the planner that completely changed her business!

I will be the first to admit it – I am a total paper junkie. I love planners. Back in December, I found myself in a store holding no less than 4 planners at once, wanting to buy them all. This is completely unrealistic, because you should only use ONE planner at a time.

The reality is, just a general life planner? It isn’t going to change your business. If you’re a professional photographer? THIS is the planner for you.

Meet the Photographer’s Planner

The Photographer's Planner from Colorvale - my review -

Why is this the planner for you, you ask?

Because the Photographer’s Planner goes beyond just being a standard planner. This doesn’t just have places for you to note what you need to do from day to day. This is a business guide book! It has all that you need to run your business, the heart & soul of everything that you need to be an effective CEO of your business and your life!

Isn’t it gorgeous? Inside and out, this baby was designed to SHINE. You can start it whenever you want – there are no dates in it, so you can fill those in yourself. Designed to be tossed in your camera bag or laying out on your desk, you will never want to be far from it.

I have the predecessor, the “sister” product, the original Briefcase planner. Honestly, it is always right beside me. It is an extension of my arm practically. I’ve been anxiously waiting for this baby to arrive because it has a new & improved size – the cover is 8.5″x11″ and the inside pages are now 7.75″x10.5″. Colorvale can say what they want, I’m pretty sure that that gold spiral binding, the black & white striped cover, and the gold corner accents were made just for me!

Colorvale never skimps on the paper quality on the inside either. Thick and luxurious, so you can’t see your pen on the other side. No wimpy pages here!

From room for you to organize your photo sessions, schedule time for editing & placing orders, to developing unstoppable marketing strategies, seamlessly managing client workflow, and surpassing revenue goals, this baby has got you got you covered.

This video shows the planner off so well!

The Details in the Photographer’s Planner that Changed the Life of my Business

My favorite pages in mine are my Social Media marketing schedule each month – so I can plan out what I post and make connecting & networking a breeze, and the Social Media Growth Tracking chart – it has been so great to look back at how all of my social media accounts have grown in the past 6 months, all thanks to having everything in one place in an organized system!

The Photographer's Planner - Social Media Tracking Review -

Nearly 300 pages to help you organize your business! All printed, prepped and ready for you to go. You don’t have to print your own planner and put it together yourself. Everything you could ever want, right at your fingertips!

I’ve used many planners over the years. I can honestly say that NO OTHER planner has changed my business in such a way like this one has. Each month I kick it off with setting goals, and throughout the month I watch to make sure I’m achieving them. By the end of the month, I have proof of my success! (Part of why I love those social media sections so much! Measurable growth!)

What is Included in the Photographer’s Planner

Photographer's Planner by Colorvale - my Review -

You can visit Photographer’s Planner site and see what all is included, but here are a few of my favorite highlights of the magic found in these pages – some of them are things I can’t wait for, because they weren’t in the Briefcase planner:

  • Year at a Glance Special Dates: Easy to use the 12 (monthly) boxes to track things of the utmost importance. Birthday, anniversaries, workshops, and anything else you can’t miss. Plenty of space to write your major goals as well.
  • 12 Month Session Rolodex:: an at-a-glance sessions list for the entire year! (This will be new for me!)
  • Personal Info Page: Track your business links, favorite sites & resources, and forums & magazines all while jotting down personal growth ideas, possible income streams, and blog post ideas–all setting you up for monumental successes.
  • Monthly Measurables Page: Because what is measured GROWS, this part is my favorite section! Measure your monthly goals & objectives. You can now track things like your number of clients (and how many of those were referrals), average session turnaround times, and increases in social media followers. Keep an eye on monthly marketing behavior, and ensure monthly office tasks (like bookkeeping, email, ordering, etc.) stay in line, and you’re set for the smoothest running business!
  • Task Organizer: This was a big life changer for me. I’ve heard all the benefits of assigning certain tasks to certain days, but until I started doing it? I had no idea how powerful it really was! You decide which days get slotted with a particular task. (Editing, family time, meal planning, all the things you have to do – and the things you WANT to do too!)
  • 12 Monthly Calendars: The 12 blank calendar months make tracking progress completely manageable.
  • Client Workflow Pages: Another one that is completely new for me! I can’t wait! I used to have a big version of this on my wall, but how lovely to have one that I can keep handy with my planner? This flexible element lets you keep track of where your clients are in the processes, from contracts and photographing to culling, editing, and order placements. (Don’t want to track photography sessions? You can also use the pages to track bill due dates or home chores.)
  • Social Media Schedule Pages: By scheduling out your posts ahead of time, you’ll be on top of your Facebook posts. (Not to mention Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.) This is the page I mentioned above that has helped my social media following – and my client list – grow so much!
  • Customized To-Do’s Page: This delivers the freedom you crave with the ability to scrawl out your own headers and decide exactly how to make the magic happen. Lists make my heart sing!
  • Weekly Planning Pages: The heart & soul of your planner: daily obligations, ideas, marketing, daily sessions, culling/editing, orders, sales… the list goes on and on… while your photography biz grows.
  • Session Income Pages: Another section that is new for me! Cash money reporting lets you track client payments, retainers, and product orders without screwing the pooch or backing up the books.
  • Blogging shouldn’t be blah. This is the perfect place for you to jot down the long list of blog post ideas that are chomping at the bit to be brought into the world, (and then make note of which ones are drafted, published, and shared).
  • Brainstorming Zone: No planner would be complete without some good ol’ brainstorming. Whatever your wild & creative heart desires, there’s a delegated place for it.

Order Your Photographer’s Planner Today!

Photographer's Planner from Colorvale - a review by Christine Tremoulet

See what I mean? If you’re a photographer? The Photographer’s Planner is THE planner made just for you! Not a photographer? That is ok! Most of the photographer specific language has been removed from the planner, so you can use it as well — or if you prefer, you can pick up The Briefcase from Paper & Prosper, designed for entrepreneurs & bloggers.

The Photographer’s Planner is in route right now to Colorvale, and the minute they arrive? They will head out to mailboxes everywhere. Make sure YOU get yours before they run out! No planner has ever changed my business like this one, and I’m confident that if you use it every month, it will change yours as well!

Please note: The links in this blog post are affiliate links; I will receive a small commission for your use of them. I was not paid for this review, I purchased all products on my own, and my testimonial is entirely my own opinion. I’m not just a fan of this planner, I’m also a client!

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