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The New New Office!


A few weeks ago I posted about Caroline Collective, where my new office was scheduled to be this summer. After the commercial real estate Austin fiasco, it became clear that fate had other plans for me though. Funny how things work out sometimes.

Back in December, as Mike, Jason & I left 11th Street Cafe and headed down to Lights in the Heights, we passed a building on Studewood with a sign over the door that said “Clover”. I thought to myself that it would be an awesome location to be in someday. I dreamed of someday moving to The Heights here in Houston.

In February, I left my space at Two Be Wed as it wasn’t a good fit for my needs. I wanted a private space where I could meet with clients, work between meetings, and one with more flexible hours to better fit my schedule. Right as I made this decision, I learned of Caroline Collective. It was a perfect fit for every single one of those needs. I picked out a future room for myself and started making plans.

At the beginning of May, while Caroline was still being worked on, I received a call from Mitch, the coordinator of the Yale Street Market. I had told Mitch last year that if he ever knew of a space in the Heights that he thought would be a good fit, to let me know. He had found a space. I told him about Caroline, but then let him tell me about the space in the Heights. Then he told me the location and the name — and I realized it was the exact place I had spotted back in December.

The owner was out of town for a family emergency, but when she returned I had a chance to see the space. She is an interior designer, and the front room is set up as a showroom. Moving back into the space, she had several rooms she wanted to rent out – including two rooms in the back that were perfect for what I needed — and gave me something I didn’t even realize that I wanted before the opportunity was there – a space to shoot! With windows on both sides of the room, the light in there is awesome!

I signed the lease last Friday and picked up the keys. Saturday evening involved moving in furniture with the help of Mike, Kenny, Elaine & Tara. Sunday involved shopping for a small couch that would be a good fit for my meeting room. Yesterday involved putting the couch into the space, and then some more shopping with my Mom where we found a different rug for the room, throw pillows, a trunk for a coffee table, and other decorative goodies. Now I just need to put in a ceiling fan, end tables, lamps, and order canvas prints for the walls. Setting up the studio room will take place in June, but I have some great ideas!

The hardest part of the whole thing? Breaking the news to Matthew, who is heading up Caroline Collective, that I wouldn’t be there. I’m so very glad that they are bringing co-working to Houston, and I support them 127% (if not more) and look forward to dropping in from time to time. I am grateful for his support and understanding though that I had to make a business call and go with what I knew was ultimately the right decision for my needs and the future of my business.

I’m so excited about being a part of Clover location and being a part of the Heights community! I am there on an appointment only basis at this time, but feel free to contact me to set up a time to meet! The new address is 1024 Studewood – in the Heights!

Signed. All Mine.

By Christine

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Very exciting and what a great location! I’m really so inspired with what you’ve done with your dreams. You have talent, the gumption and now the resources to go very far.

Congratulations on the new new space! I know you are so excited. Can’t wait to see what the inside looks like. YAY! The Heights!

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