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The New Ad!

The New Ad!

While gone at the workshop last week, I got a call from Weddings in Houston magazine. I have an ad with them already, but it points at the Fresh Photography site. I had considered changing it but thought I had already missed the deadline when I thought of it. Turns out, I was wrong. From when she called, I had exactly 48 hours to get them a new ad.

By the way – I am *SO* not a graphic designer. And they needed it in CMYK format (not what I normally use), and had some pretty specific requirements. Fortunately, John Sanderson was there and willing to help me out.

Then I realized that I didn’t have all of my photos with me. My backups were at home.

I did have this one though, since I had just taken it earlier in the week. The man in the photograph is Jon Leidel, and he is a fabulous photographer in Asheville, North Carolina. Fortunately, he was attending the last day of the workshop with us and was sitting right in front of me. So I asked him if I could have permission to use their photo in the ad. Thankfully, he said yes. (I checked with Anna later at dinner that night, and she also agreed.)

Within 40 minutes, while listening to Amber Holritz talk at the same time, I put together a new ad. It isn’t perfect – I wish I had edited out the dappled sunlight on his sleeve- but it was FAST. Hopefully, it will get people’s attention and they will find their way to the website. I mean really, how could you resist that curl?

The new ad will run in the January issue of Weddings in Houston magazine! I’ll let you know as soon as it hits the store shelves!

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Hello Christine,

Brandy J and I hope that you are doing well! I love the ad! I think it is an awesome image of a great moment and deep relationship!

congratulations and take care,

sticky and brandy j

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