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The New 5D mkIII – a Love Affair!

I’ve been a huge fan of my Canon for years – starting with the Canon EOS 20D, then the 30D, and then the original 5D. In 2009 the 5D mkII came out, and I bought it shortly afterwards. Like so many others, the 5D mkII and I had a rocky relationship. There were only 9 focus points, and only one that really worked. But like all gear, you learn to use it to the best of your ability. For me, that meant taking a lot of photos to make sure that I had one with that tack-sharp focus that I so love. I worked with it, even when it frustrated me. To be honest, I even threatened to switch to Nikon – jealous of their ability to not have to battle with this focusing issue. The only problem? I have a lot of Canon lenses that I really love!

So like many others, I waited. When the new 5D mkIII was announced, I have to admit to being giddy with anticipation when I saw the specs of the new body! Canon finally heard our pleas for a better focusing system, and they came through with a total winner!

I was going to wait until this summer to get a new camera body, but when a friend of mine posted that he had ordered two and decided he only wanted to keep one of them, I decided to go for it – and I’m so happy I did! I picked it up on Wednesday, but had to wait until yesterday to go outside and play with it thanks to the rain. Fortunately, my cat Graham was willing to model while the rain was still coming down.

Indoors. No flash. Minimal color adjustment in Lightroom before posting it here – that is essentially straight out of the camera. (SOOC) – so amazing! Once the rain let up, I headed outside. The flowers were even more willing to model for me than the cat was!

This photo is zoomed in and cropped at 100% – as close as you can get – of the flower below on the left. *swoon* It makes my geeky gear heart so happy to have this camera!

And another 100% zoomed in view of that exact same photograph as above on the right. This crop is my favorite! Just look at that detail – and this wasn’t taken with my macro lens!

All photographs taken with the Canon 5D mkIII and the Canon 50mm f/1.2L lens.

Oh Canon, once again you make my heart sing. I feel as full of joy about this camera body as I did when I bought my very first Canon 20D years ago. It is finally a camera body worthy of the wonderful L series lenses that you make. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can’t wait to use it at the wedding I’m photographing tonight at Rice!

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Completely agree with your assessment, finally a body that can compliment Canon’s large lens lineup. Unfortunately it was a little too long coming and I switched to Nikon for the better AF.

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