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The McWorkshop Begins!

ROCKSTAR. Amber Demonstrates ROCKSTAR Skills

With a fabulous party to begin things right, the Rockstar Wedding Photography: Your Backstage Pass to all Things Weddingy workshop (whew!) has officially begun! Hosted by Corey McNabb, and therefore earning a nickname of McWorkshop, we spent the evening at his fabulous studio in Asheville, NC. The decor is beautiful and reinforces his branding all over the place, down the the bright green appletinis that they were serving! (None for me, as I don’t get along with vodka at all.) Corey’s wife surprised him with the fantastic ice sculpture pictured above. Amber Holritz, being the hottie hottie that she is, demonstrated for me just what it takes to be a Rockstar, with her Rockstar Juiced in hand. Of course the cameras made it out as the evening went on, and Corey is in the photo below taking in the events.

I had a great photo of Amber looking completely confused about the weird black thing that I was holding and pointing at her, but I promised I wouldn’t share it online. Trust me though, it was awesome.

McWorkshop Kick-Off Party!

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