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Miss J - Hot Mama Boudoir Photography - Houston, Texas

What can I possibly say about Mrs J that you can’t see just by looking at her photographs? She is just such a stunning beauty! I’m so grateful to her for giving me permission to share her photographs here on the blog & my Facebook Page.

She came in for a Valentine’s Day session for her sweetheart and to make a boudoir book for him. Jennifer Aronson did her makeup for her, and it was flawlessly perfect! I love that Jennifer not only takes into consideration what colors look the best on my clients, but that she also looks at the outfits they plan to wear for the session and coordinates with them as well. Love it! For this session, Jennifer left us with a fantastic red lipstick for Mrs J to wear as well, so half way through we could change it up with an outfit change. It was great having two options!

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Mrs J Pink Lingerie Boudoir Photography Houston Mrs J - Houston Hot Mama Boudoir Photography

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Houston Boudoir Photographer Hot Mama Mrs J Mrs J's Boudoir Session - Christine Tremoulet Photography

Once Jennifer was done with her makeup we had the most phenomenal session! I’ll let Mrs J tell you about it in her own words – this is just part of her review; you can read the rest of it here.

WOW!! There is only one word needed to describe my shoot with Christine; WOW.

When I arrived I was promptly greeted by Jennifer. Jennifer and I had a fun time with my makeup prior to the shoot. She made me look amazing! Jennifer also helped give me tips on the makeup she was using so I could find it to use at home. Christine came in about halfway through my makeup session. She’s such a joy when she enters a room! Full of energy and life, I felt energized just being around her. Christine and Jennifer do a great job making you feel comfortable! That was a big plus for me.

Once we started the shoot I had a hard time relaxing but Christine knew just how to bring me out of my shell. A few corny jokes and funny poses later, I felt like I had known her for years. We went through tons of outfits and with each one I continued to feel more at ease. My favorite part of the shoot was that Christine would show me the pictures in her camera as we took them. I was so taken aback by how beautiful her photos were. I had seen them on the website but now they were me! I haven’t ever had a photographer that can bring out my beauty as well as Christine. I was so comfortable by the end of the shoot that I was taking pictures in my undies in the front room of her studio. It was wonderful and a huge confidence-building experience for me!

This was one of the best experiences in my life. I felt pampered, beautiful, and sexy while laughing and having a great time. Christine, you rock!

Mrs J & I talked a lot during her session about how incredible it made her feel, what a boost to her confidence it was having intimate photographs done like this. It helped me put into words why I think boudoir photography is so important – it is just amazing the transformation I see my clients have right before my eyes through the process. I have the best job in the world! Thank you Mrs J for reminding me of that – and you rock too!

Mrs J - Houston Boudoir Photography Astros Houston Boudoir Photographer

Mrs J's Boudoir Session - HoustonHot Mama Boudoir - Houston Photography

Mrs J Houston Boudoir Photography

These are the photographs from the front window that Mrs J was talking about — I never ask a client if we can shoot up there if I think they might be uncomfortable. The windows are really tinted and it is hard to see into the room, but if you’re standing right in front of the curtains I’m sure you can be seen if people are looking! We were fast though, and we both loved the images!

Mrs J - Houston Boudoir Photography Mrs J Boudoir Session - Houston Hot Mama Photography

Thank you again, Mrs J! It was incredible working with you, and I can’t WAIT to do it again soon!

By Christine

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