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Be Quiet.

Be quiet. Hush. Don’t be so loud. Blend in to the background, fade away. Make yourself small. Not just physically small – after all, you really are too large – but emotionally small. Be seen and not heard. (Make sure you are pretty enough for us to look at.) Keep your voice down. Don’t stand…Continue readingBe Quiet.


“I Don’t Have Time to Blog” – Bullshit Stories I Tell Myself

Things are about to get a lot more real here. More raw. More honest. All of those things I normally post on Facebook, giving them all the good content and keeping things super clean and polished here? YEAH. That. That is going to end. Last week I was at the Emerging Women Conference in San…Continue reading“I Don’t Have Time to Blog” – Bullshit Stories I Tell Myself

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Finding Your Irresistible Words

I knew that Jenika was something special the very first time I came across her website, Psychology for Photographers. She had a way with words that just pulled me in. I was even more charmed when I met her in person at BlogHer this summer – we were speaking together on a panel, so we…Continue readingFinding Your Irresistible Words