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Stop Focusing on the Wrong Numbers to Grow Your Business

Are you focusing on the wrong numbers in your business?

It is time that you stop focusing on the wrong numbers. It is time that you stop letting others define YOUR success. It is time to stop playing the numbers game. No, you do not need 10,000 Instagram followers. You do not need 5,000 blog visitors a day. Being on Page 1 of Google isn’t…

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If You Want to be in Business, You Need to Make a Profit

Is Your Business Making a Profit, or is it Just an Expensive Hobby?

Your business has exactly one job: to make a profit. It cares about nothing else. It doesn’t care about changing the world. About saving lives. About helping people. It cares about one thing – making a profit. That, at the core, is a business. If your business isn’t making a profit, it isn’t a business.…

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The Myth of “My Photography Pricing Has to Be Low…”

The Myth of Your Prices Have to Be Low

“Everyone else in my area is priced so low, so I have to be priced low too.” I see this time and time again, people lamenting about the other photographers in their town who offer $50 portrait sessions with all of the digital files included, and how on EARTH are they ever going to compete…

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