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Do You Allow People to Pay You?

Do You Allow People to Pay You? Refocusing your sales strategy to book more clients -

Being in business can be hard when you’re a solo entrepreneur. I get it. There are all these personal feelings of self-worth mixed in with trying to run a business – and we aren’t talking about it. (We are all running around trying really hard to look like we have it all together.) When a…

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Stop Causing Your Clients Confusion

Stop Causing Your Clients Confusion - Marketing Tips from

I wrote a post previously sharing tips for photographers on how to let your clients know that you don’t Photoshop their images extensively. Wait, I mean edit their images extensively; “Photoshop” isn’t a verb. It also isn’t a term every client out there knows what it means. That’s the problem though, right? Because it is…

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My Love Letter for You. I See You.

Wedding Professional Association - a Love Letter

You have probably heard me talk about how I started blogging 16 years ago. What I don’t talk about very often is why I started blogging back then. I felt like I was invisible. I had so much to say, so much to share with the world, and it was all locked up inside of…

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Stop Focusing on the Wrong Numbers to Grow Your Business

Are you focusing on the wrong numbers in your business?

It is time that you stop focusing on the wrong numbers. It is time that you stop letting others define YOUR success. It is time to stop playing the numbers game. No, you do not need 10,000 Instagram followers. You do not need 5,000 blog visitors a day. Being on Page 1 of Google isn’t…

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What if Your Boss Made You Talk About Your Business?

What if Your Boss Made You Talk About Your Business? Sales tips for photographers & creatives -

Imagine you had to go get a corporate job tomorrow, working for a major company. (Did anyone else just feel the chill in here, or is it just me?) Payday rolls around, and your boss tells you that you can’t have your paycheck until you go and tell TEN PEOPLE about the company. What your…

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