Studio/Office Mate Wanted – Photography Studio in the Heights, Houston Texas

PLEASE NOTE!!! UPDATE: I’m no longer looking for studio mates. Thank you!

The Front Room

Back at the beginning of 2009 when I first leased the whole building for my studio space, I talked about looking for a studiomate. Then it took a few months to get the space set up, wedding season arrived, and well… now it is October and I’ve been talking about it again. It just doesn’t make sense to have all this space just for myself if I’m not up there all the time.

Ideally, I would like to find two or three people to share the space with me. I’m open to having a studiomate that is a wedding photographer or portrait photographer. Yes, I’m a wedding & boudoir photographer, but I consider you my peers, not my competition. It would also be a great space for a wedding planner, an invitation artist / graphic designer, someone that works in PR or as a consultant, or someone who just wants a nice place to meet with their clients.

Address: 1024 Studewood, in the Heights, just south of 11th Street.

Some of the details: The building used to be a house. It is a good size (1500 square feet, I think?) and it is awesome for meetings with clients or meetings with large groups. There is the front room (featured in the photograph above) which is slightly arranged now from the photo above. We’ve had meetings with 30+ people in the space, workshops, conferences and other events there. My main requirements for the walls is my claim on the one wall where my 60″ canvas print is hanging. The TV has a permanent space as well for easy viewing from the couches. The other two walls could be designated for use by my studiomates.

From the Front Door

Upstairs: Ok, it is up 4 steps, but it is still up some stairs. So I call it the upstairs. There is a large main room that at one time was probably the living room and dining room area. I use this space when I have photo shoots. It could be used to display art and photography as well, but it has to be work that could be removed if needed for sessions. There is a small 11×11 or so room that used to be an office space for lease and is currently unused. It would make a great work space, or I’ve considered setting up my white seamless there for photo sessions. There is a bathroom (with a tub that doesn’t work). Then there is the dressing room for sessions, which is another 11×11 room. It could also be used for a workspace when sessions aren’t taking place, or it could be a second meeting space if someone was holding a meeting in the front room since it has a door. The back bedroom is set up for boudoir sessions, and I’ve done portrait shoots in there as well. The “bed” is a futon and can be folded up. There is a kitchen space, but it does not have a stove or fridge in it at this time.

The Upstairs

The space is mostly furnished, with the exception of the office room. The current furniture needs to stay in the studio. You may use anything as props for photo shoots if you’re a photographer.

Access: 24 hours, 7 days a week, based on availability. You can use all spaces as needed. It is possible to work out sign arrangements for the front of the building as well.

Access Conditions: Since I do boudoir sessions at the studio space 2-3 times a month, I would be setting up a group calendar on Google Calendar so that if there is a session I could block off the time. When I have a session, I need exclusive access for the studio. Sessions are normally set up at least 2 weeks in advance, so there should be plenty of notice. (I’m actually taking on a larger portion of the rent for this privilege.) There is also a photographer meetup that takes place on the evening of the First Thursday of every month at the studio. This is a standing event. Occasionally I’ve hosted workshops at the space (two times in 2009), also planned well in advance, and will continue to do so. When workshops take place, exclusive access will most likely be necessary.

Being able to work with the calendar to schedule the space is essential for everyone sharing the space. Must play with others. Must not run with scissors. You break it, you buy it. (I’d add no shirt, no shoes, no service … but that doesn’t work with the boudoir photography!)

Price: $500/month for an individual studiomate, includes utilities. Deposit equal to first month’s rent is needed. Open to discussing other arrangements; contact me and we can work something out! A November 1st move-in is ideal if it works for you! Current lease would be for 3 months (to line up with my lease renewal), and then 6-12 month terms after that.

I’ll be available next week during the day if you’re interested in checking it out! I prefer to talk initially via email, so the best way to reach me is through the contact form. I’ll update this post when I find the studiomates.

Disclaimer: all terms will be outlined in the lease agreement – this is just an overview of the highlights!

UPDATE: I’m no longer looking for studio mates. Thank you!

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If I lived even near you I would totally be your roommate! Unfortunately Arizona is too far to commute. 🙂 You have inspired me though to get my studio so hopefully, business permitting, I will be getting a studio space too!

I’m Intersted! – let’s discuss in further detail over lunch this week. What’s your schedule like?

I’m tryin to get some things sorted with the studio I’m currently in – and I’m just not all that happy with the location vs. the rent.

Anyhow, let’s talk.

I don’t know if you would consider rental for photographers. I don’t have a studio and love the lighting in your studio.

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