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Six Marketing Posts You Shouldn’t Miss for Your Boudoir Photography Business!

Six Marketing Posts You Shouldn't Miss for Your Boudoir Photography BusinessAs we are heading in to a new year, marketing your boudoir business in 2013 is likely something you’re already thinking about working on. After all, the Valentine’s Day session boudoir marketing should be out there already! The world is bright and full of shiny new possibilities to market your boudoir photography, and the tips in these six posts are sure to help you in the year ahead!

Marketing To Help Your Business Grow Faster!

The Modern Tog – 6 Effective Photography Marketing Areas to Focus On to Book More Clients — going through this list of 6 essential areas to focus your marketing efforts, you are sure to find some things that could use a little cleaning up. A little polish and shine. Maybe take a day to run through the whole list and make a plan of things to do to help make your marketing sing and bring you the perfect clients.

Psychology for Photographers – Maybe You’ve Got a Bookstore Problem? — some great examples using the titles of books and how they draw you in as a reminder to truly SELL what you’re about on your website. If your main marketing message is that you’re going to capture memories, you might want to rethink it. That is what EVERYONE is doing. What makes you stand out?

Photography Web Marketing – Using Custom Wedding Registries to Help Your Photography Marketing — this is geared towards wedding photographers, but wouldn’t it be fun to create a boudoir photography registry as well? The bride can come to you and pick out the sessions she wants and the products she would like, and then tell all of her friends to come to you? What a perfect Bachelorette party gift to go with all the lingerie!

PhotoMint – 11 Free Ways to Pump Up Your Marketing — while this is a post from earlier in 2012, there are so many awesome ideas here! Again, some are geared towards wedding photographers, but with a little creativity they could be a perfect fit for your business too. I think everyone should be doing every item on this list – all it will take is some elbow grease and some time, but it is free and an excellent way to market your photography business!

High on SEO – 60 (Still Working) Twitter Tools to Manage Social Media — Twitter may not be for everyone, but it has worked for me over the years to meet future clients and to stay connected with past clients. One of the best things about Twitter is keeping yourself first in mind, which is excellent for word of mouth marketing. (Love that, and once again it is free!) Matt has compiled a fantastic list of 60 tools you can use to help manage your Twitter presence and make using Twitter more enjoyable!

Boudie Shorts – Valentine’s Day Marketing Starts Now! — this post by Molly Marie has tips and tricks you can implement today to get the Valentine’s Day boudoir bookings rolling if they aren’t already. I don’t know about you, but I still have people inquiring about Christmas sessions! What a perfect opportunity to turn those in to Valentine’s Day ones. Molly has some great tips on making that a reality. (If you haven’t already, you might want to check out her Marketing Packet & Templates too. I’ll be posting a full review soon!)

Boudoir Photographers Should be Marketing for 2013 Today!

What are your marketing plans for 2013? Are you using Amazon ppc management? Do you have vendors you plan to contact? An editorial calendar for your blog? A referral program for your clients? What could you be doing – for free – to help market boudoir?

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