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  • Christine Tremoulet

    This course is great if you want to learn blogging and social media from scratch or just want to get your current workflow more organized and gain some inspiration.

    – Lara Eichhorn

  • Christine Tremoulet

    There are people who come into your life that completely rock your world. Christine has changed the way I think about a lot of things. I’m not afraid to be me, real and raw. My life feels more focused, more intentional. I had a breakthrough with my blogging last week. The list goes on and on.

    – Jamie Delaney

  • Christine Tremoulet

    Christine is amazing! I love her! She is just a ball of energy. I was very thrilled to be able to speak with her about our blog and to work on our directions. She is a wealth of knowledge.

    – Cindy Lin

  • Christine Tremoulet

    I wanted blogging to be more a part of my workflow — something I see as REQUIRED for my business. I wanted to feel “in control” of my blogging. And I wanted to get out of my rut of “here’s a beautiful wedding!” over & over again. Writing out on index cards blog ideas was a very big lightbulb moment.

    – Alex Blackwelder

  • Christine Tremoulet

    Christine is one of the kindest teachers around. She is incredibly giving of her knowledge and time. You will walk away from her class with an understanding of your defined niche and target audience and a clear method to manage social media and blogging.

    – Yehudis Goldfarb

  • Christine Tremoulet

    If you are struggling to find your voice, connect to clients, or figure out what on earth to put on your website then you NEED this class. Christine will give you the confidence to be uniquely you and attract those clients that you will be most fulfilled by working with.

    – Emily Smith

  • Christine Tremoulet

    Christine knows what she is talking about when it comes to blogging, SEO and practices what she preaches. I think my favorite thing about her class was that after I left, the things she taught me were things I could actually continue to do.

    -Terra Cooper

  • Christine Tremoulet

    If you are just starting out with blogging and social media or on the other hand you want to take your blogging and social media to the next level, then taking this course is an absolute ‘no brainer’.

    – Sandra Harris

  • Christine Tremoulet

    Thank you for pouring your heart into this course and into us as a group. I am not obsessed with blogging. Every time I want to post to social media, I refrain and instead copy that content to a blog post. You are a genius. And such a sweet soul. Thanks so much for just being you and being awesome!!

    – Noelle Herring

  • Christine Tremoulet

    I’ve been struggling with defining who I am this year. I’ve had some turns in my life that I wasn’t anticipating and it’s challenged me to stop being a follower and start figuring out who I am. It sounds silly. I’m 32 and don’t know what my favorite food is, let alone what clientele I wish to attract.

    – Megan Burke

  • Christine Tremoulet

    I loved how easy you made everything seem when it’s felt overwhelming to get organized around my social media. I appreciated your experience and how long you’d been in the game and that made me trust that you know what works long term and it’s not just a one hit wonder or riding a trend. Your advice is built to last.

    – Michelle Warner

  • Christine Tremoulet

    Christine is very knowledgeable yet accessible. You’ll love talking to her and get great advice from an expert.

    – Kara Sorensen

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