Episode 20 – The Importance of LGBTQ+ Inclusive Language with Cassandra Zetta

Cassandra Zetta is a wedding photographer based in Cincinnati that believes it is every human being’s right to love and be loved, and that all love needs to be celebrated. In this episode, Cassandra shares insights, perspectives and tips on better engaging with and serving the LGBTQ+ community.

The fundamental idea driving this is that all love deserves to be celebrated, and that the couple will decide what their love looks like. Educate yourself on the community and the dynamics of gender roles.

As a photographer, sometimes conventional notions can make posing and photographing the couple tricky. Cassandra’s best tip is to give open-ended instructions and let the couple portray themselves authentically, as they see fit – this captures the heart and emotion.

Having and using inclusive language throughout your online presence, client materials and your in-person sessions is a fundamental shift. Cassandra points out a myriad of places where gender roles may be implied and where that can be exclusive, such as replacing “bride” and “groom” with “Partner 1/2” or “Lovebird 1/2” or using “Wedding Party” instead of “Bridal Party” – and watching for that in your contracts, contact forms, questionnaires, and more.


Cassandra Zetta Photography


On giving equal weighting to both partners: “Change the tide. It’s not just the bride’s day.”

On gender bias in the wedding industry: “We focus so much on brides, the groom almost becomes a photo prop!”

On building a portfolio: “Couples want to see themselves in your work.”

Author: Christine Tremoulet

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