Do You Allow People to Pay You?

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Being in business can be hard when you’re a solo entrepreneur. I get it. There are all these personal feelings of self-worth mixed in with trying to run a business – and we aren’t talking about it. (We are all running around trying really hard to look like we have it all together.) When a … Continue reading “Do You Allow People to Pay You?”

Stop Causing Your Clients Confusion

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I wrote a post previously sharing tips for photographers on how to let your clients know that you don’t Photoshop their images extensively. Wait, I mean edit their images extensively; “Photoshop” isn’t a verb. It also isn’t a term every client out there knows what it means. That’s the problem though, right? Because it is … Continue reading “Stop Causing Your Clients Confusion”

The Importance of Using Your Name as Your Brand


The importance of using your name as your brand name for your business is a topic that comes up often. Choosing a name for your business – it sounds so easy, but sometimes it seems very, very hard. The age old debate seems to be should you use your name, or should you go with … Continue reading “The Importance of Using Your Name as Your Brand”