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Sarom & Minh – Hermann Park Engagement Session, Houston Texas

When I realized I had so many posts I still wanted to share from last year, I decided I would do “flashback” posts. Today when I went to start working on the first ones, I discovered that this session with Sarom & Minh is exactly a year old! I can’t believe I haven’t shared more of these photos before other than posting just two of my favorites!

Sarom & Minh met up with me at Hermann Park, along with their friend who videotaped the session to share at the wedding reception. Talk about pressure! I’ve never had someone watching me shoot other than the client that I’m working with, and especially not one capturing it on film! But I quickly got over it, and the four of us had such a fun time even though it was a blistering cold day!

They had decided to start the session off with fancy dress clothes, a cocktail dress for Sarom and a new suit for Minh. See that short dress? Did I mention already that the temps were in the 40s?!? You would have never guessed though – Sarom smiled through the whole session, and Minh helped keep her warm! We started out by the reflecting pond and the rows of trees alongside it in Hermann Park.

After awhile, Sarom & Minh changed into more casual clothes for the rest of our shoot. I’m sure Sarom was happy to be warm again! (Well, warmer at least!) I love how they make each other laugh. You can just feel the love when you’re around the two of them.

We decided to include the (then new) sculpture pieces in Hermann Park near Miller Outdoor Theater into our shoot. I could not have asked for a more perfect sky or a more amazing sunset for the rest of these photos – and the flare! Oh goodness. The flare. It just makes me swoon!

We discovered this cool, weed-filled area right off the main path in Hermann Park. That rim of sunlight around them in the last two photos? Oh goodness. My heart stops every time I look at that photos. LOVE it!!!

It was getting late. We were all cold & tired. I had asked Sarom & Minh to go out into the field we found in Hermann Park. Them: “Is this far enough?” Me: “No, further out. Further.” They agreed (thankfully!) for the sake of beautiful photos. But by this point in time, Minh was getting hungry. Really hungry. So what do I do? I start talking with him about the yummy food he is going to go eat when the shoot was over. Then I start to get silly and talk about the biscuits. (I don’t remember why I was talking about biscuits, I’m just pretty sure there were biscuits involved.) These two shots are just a few frames apart, but … well, you can see why I keep threatening to put “Professional Dork” on my business card. At least it made them laugh!

Then we decided to call it a night and go our separate ways, but not before one last shot at the duck pond in Hermann Park. Sarom posted to Twitter the other day that she was using this photo as her screen saver on her computer, which is one of the biggest compliments to me. Knowing that I get to create beautiful work with amazing people that they treasure? Blows me away every time I stop and think about it.

Thanks again to Sarom & Minh for an amazing day. Looking through your photographs again made me smile thinking of the two of you!

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Christine, you’re truly amazing! Minh and I love all the photos!! You brilliantly captured all the details, our personality and day. You made us feel so comfortable and kept us laughing the entire session! We had so much fun doing the shoot with you! And your composition of the day bought back so many memories! All the jokes and laughs! Thank you again!

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