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I had a great time spending the morning with Rebekah and her parents at their house on October 12th. She had just finished eating when I arrived, and fell asleep shortly afterwards — resulting in lots of sleeping angel photos! She is just so beautiful, and such a sweet little girl!

I have known Rebekah’s grandmother for the past few years as she is also a knitter and is a member of the local knitting guild in addition to going to “Sit & Knit” at one of the local yarn shops. I’ve always known that she is a woman of amazing talent, but I had no idea how talented! Not only did she crochet the blanket that Rebekah is sleeping on in these photos, she also handmade and hand smocked the dress that she is wearing. It was just stunning, and I’m so glad we captured the heirloom in these photographs!

Rebekah, Sleeping

Rebekah, Sleeping

Peacefully Sleeping Tiny Hand, Handmade Love

Sweetly Sleeping

Special props go to Rebekah’s Dad for helping out and holding the background fabric for us — it was hard work, and it made the photographs perfect!

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