Reviews – Boudoir, Beauty & Glamour Photography

Since I took up boudoir photography, I’ve photographed so many Hot Mamas – and almost every single one of them has shared a moving story about how much their session helped their confidence grow and helped them rediscover their beauty. Below are just a few of the messages from past clients to give you a feel for what people say after their session!

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Mrs. K – Hot Mama Boudoir Session in the Houston Heights Studio

I think Christine has magical powers. No, seriously. I walked in to her studio nervous and a bit guarded, and I walked out with a newfound sense of confidence! From the moment I arrived, Christine and her lovely makeup artist Jennifer made me feel so comfortable – like I had known them for years. I didn’t know how comfortable I would feel taking my clothes off and doing a bunch of awkward poses, but Christine made the whole process fun and enjoyable. She really knows how to position a woman’s body in order to emphasize all of the parts that you love and cover up anything that you are a little less enthusiastic about. I seriously asked her numerous times if she had photoshop built directly into her camera – the photos were that good! She told me horrible (but very funny) jokes the entire time to lighten the mood and had me laughing out loud.

I expected to like a few of the photos, but I pretty much loved them all. The hardest part of the whole process was narrowing down which 30 photos I wanted to put in my album (which is gorgeous by the way).

If you are thinking about doing a boudoir session with Christine, my only advice is DO IT NOW!! You will walk away feeling gorgeous, and that feeling will last long after your session is over!

Ms. S – Hot Mama Boudoir Session in the Houston Heights

These days I feel that as women we are subjected to so much scrutiny, no matter what size, shape or color that we are, we never seem to be perfect.

But what exactly is perfect? I may not be a size two, but even a women that is a size two is being judged by some imperfection….

There is not a women out there that on a daily basis is not second guessing her self image. It is ridiculous.

There needs to be more AVENGERS of SEXINESS in the world, allowing other women to take back their self worth and sexiness and tell society to go to HELL. “I am SEXY and I KNOW IT”…. Thank YOU Christine for being my AVENGER of SEXINESS!

I am so glad that I found you!!!!

Mrs. B – Flirt Session at the Houston Heights studio

Christine is great to work with. She makes you relaxed and beautiful and her talent at working with people and the camera is clear in the results.

Highly recommend the flirt sessions.

Mrs S – Hot Mama Tour New Orleans boudoir & beauty photography session

This day was the most fun!! Christine and I meshed within 20 minutes, her super silly but hilarious jokes still crack me up. Fo Drizzle!! EVERY WOMAN Should do this for herself. She captured every aspect of ME! I have pictures to share with my husband, and pictures to smirk and smile about (that I’ll probably keep for myself), as well as ones can put on my desk at work or give to my mother. Christine shows all sides of sexy! As she told me I would, I’m ready to do another!!! Truly that day back in July is one that makes me smile. Thinking about to the story I told to get out of the house, the 2 hour drive down to New Orleans, walking 4 blocks with a duffle bag and a HEAVY wedding dress, prancing around a hotel room (half-dressed with a stranger), giggling outside in the streets (FINDING THAT AMAZING TRANS-AM) to the drive back home. The Day was FABOULOUS! Highly recommend Christine and highly recomend doing this for yourself!

Mrs A – Houston Heights maternity & boudoir photography session
Rated Excellent on Google Places.

I wanted unique pregnancy pictures that I knew my husband would be crazy about. Christine made me feel comfortable in my own pregnant skin, which is no small feat considering my belly button was starting to stick out. She had a professional put on my makeup and did multiple test pictures to get the best light for me. My husband was very happy with the pictures and so was I. I am not photogenic at all and Christine still managed to make me look pretty. Thanks Christine!

Mrs A – Hot Mama Tour – Las Vegas boudoir photography session
Rated Excellent on Google Places.

I really don’t know how she does it, but Christine manages to get amazing photos every.single.time. I’m hyper-critical of photos of myself (aren’t we all?) and rarely is one taken that I love. After a session with Christine, I end up with multiples! She comes up with the best poses and totally puts you at ease while shooting. My session with her was so much fun! I can’t recommend her enough.

Ms J – Houston boudoir photography session at Hotel Derek
Rated Excellent on Google Places.

Thank you so much for making this such a positive experience for me it was just what I needed. Jennifer and Chad started my day out right and made me feel truly beautiful. After I saw a couple of the pictures I became a true believer in your “super power”! To my surprise, I was not nervous at all, and as soon as you arrived I felt comfortable. You were beyond professional, but so much fun at the same time…..I will never forget “brown chicken…brown cow”. Although I am not local….you were more than worth the trip and I am telling everyone about you. Thank you a million times over!!!

And this was also from Ms J – 6 months *after* her session – always so wonderful to hear how amazing women feel months later!

As I am sure that you have noticed through all my shout outs….my session with you was one of if not the best things I have ever done for myself. Your skills behind the camera are off the charts and I will be forever grateful for the confidence that you have given me in myself….a gift I can truly never repay!

Mrs J – Houston Heights studio boudoir session

I am so grateful to Christine and Jennifer for donating this amazing boudoir photography and makeup package to my childrens’ school fundraising gala (an HISD public Montessori school). Buying a boudoir session at the silent auction was the furthest thing from my mind. While walking around looking at auction items, my husband kept pulling me back to the boudoir session and I kept resisting. He encouraged me to go for it though, as a gift to myself for my 40th birthday and as a celebration of my 100+ lb weight loss (He is a wise man.) We swooped in at the last bidding moment and won!

I have to say, I was pretty nervous about the session. I am not much of a “girly-girl” and walked in without a real vision of what direction I wanted to go in with the photos. I definitely felt a little bit self-indulgent and silly at first, but Christine and Jennifer really lightened my mood. And when Christine shared her mission of empowering moms with self-confidence through her photography, I was in! Christine made the whole process fun– she laughed WITH me (not AT me!), encouraged me and made me feel 100% at ease. By the end of the session I was walking around with a white sheet barely wrapped around my body. Now that is quite a feat for a gal who has a hard time walking around at the YMCA in one of those skirted mom-bathing suits!

This really WAS a gift to myself. I was stunned by how the photos turned out. They captured me as ME–in my white tank top, natural, relaxed. And then they captured a totally glam side of me that I didn’t even know was in there. It was a blast and I would recommend a boudoir session by Christine to any mom who thinks it’s about time to give herself some much-deserved attention. Remember! There’s a hot mama in there. So, in spite of the spit-up on the shoulder, stretch-marks, day after day of yoga pants, and sleep-deprivation, you should go for it, like I did. Thanks Christine and Jennifer!

Miss K – New Orleans boudoir mini session at the Ritz Carlton

OMG! The pics are so fab! I don’t know which to pick 🙂 Thank you so much!

I had such a wonderful time with Christine! Even though I got a short but sweet mini-session, she still treated me like a million bucks! She made me feel at ease right away with her charming demeanor and cute jokes. Even though it was a boudoir session, she could tell I was a “smiley” person, so she wanted that to shine through, instead of me trying to take forced “sexy” photos. It made me feel so much more comfortable that I got to be me. And the pictures still came out sexy! I definitely felt like a “hot mama” after looking through the album. I’m so glad I did this. And my fiance is going to be knocked off his socks. I am definitely a Christine Tremoulet fan from here on out. Thanks so much!

Mrs. J – At my studio in Houston, Texas.

WOW!! There is only one word needed to describe my shoot with Christine; WOW.

I stumbled upon Christine’s website while looking for Valentine’s day presents for my boyfriend. I’m so happy I found her! After reviewing the website and looking over her blog, I got enough courage to reach out and ask Christine for more information on scheduling a shoot. She was extremely helpful and made the process easy for me. She even worked with me on my schedule so I could have my shoot done at a time that I could keep it a secret from my beau. When I arrived I was promptly greeted by Jennifer. Jennifer and I had a fun time with my makeup prior to the shoot. She made me look amazing! Jennifer also helped give me tips on the makeup she was using so I could find it to use at home. Christine came in about halfway through my makeup session. She’s such a joy when she enters a room! Full of energy and life, I felt energized just being around her. Christine and Jennifer do a great job making you feel comfortable! That was a big plus for me.

Once we started the shoot I had a hard time relaxing but Christine knew just how to bring me out of my shell. A few corny jokes and funny poses later, I felt like I had known her for years. We went through tons of outfits and with each one I continued to feel more at ease. My favorite part of the shoot was that Christine would show me the pictures in her camera as we took them. I was so taken aback by how beautiful her photos were. I had seen them on the website but now they were me! I haven’t ever had a photographer that can bring out my beauty as well as Christine. I was so comfortable by the end of the shoot that I was taking pictures in my undies in the front room of her studio. It was wonderful and a huge confidence-building experience for me!After we finished the shoot I was really anxious to get my prints. Christine and her team work really fast! Within a few days the prints were ready and within a week I had my book. I am really impressed by her teams speed, quality and professionalism. I have no doubt in my mind that I’ll be doing another shoot soon. My boyfriend loved the book making it was a very special Valentine’s gift.

This was one of the best experiences in my life. I felt pampered, beautiful, and sexy while laughing and having a great time. Christine, you rock!

Mrs M – At my studio in Houston.

For someone that only likes taking pictures when I look good & always hate how they turn out since I’m not a size 2, I took a huge leap by getting a boudior session for my now husband’s wedding gift. Since I hired Christine for my wedding photos it was a no brainer that I would hire her for a boudior session. I booked one of the amazing packages she offers and holey moley did my size 18, 5’1 self look hot! I never thought of myself to be hot until I saw her photos…of me! Obviously when we first started I wasn’t completely comfortable (I mean come on, I’m wearing hardly anything taking pictures) but as soon as we got going I quickly felt as though I was goofing around with my best friend. I didn’t care if anyone saw me because once she showed me a few images I realized I had nothing to worry about. Christine takes images that accentuate your best features and minimize the ones you aren’t too fond of, which makes for beautiful pictures. I never felt awkard or uncomfortable because she goes through what you want to show & what you don’t. I am definitely wanting to do this again and will only go to Christine (which means I have to travel to Houston since I don’t live there anymore….totally worth it!).

Mrs. C – at my Houston Heights studio.

Christine did a wonderful job on my photos. I was a little nervous at first, but she made me feel relaxed and comfortable right away. She took her time with the pictures and when I got the proofs I was blown away!! We had a hard time choosing our favorites, and as far as touching up, the pics were so good “as is” because of all the thought she put into each shot. We certainly know where to go for all our future photography needs!

Ms D – At my studio in the Heights.
I’ve been working with a fantastic business mentor, and he asked me to interview past clients to learn more about myself from their perspective. Ms. D was happy to help me out, and here is what she shared!

Why me? My friend, Viula, recommended you based on word of mouth that she had heard. Later when I told her about you, she said she had also met you at your studio – she couldn’t remember when exactly but she thought it was during White Linen Night possibly. She said the pics on your blog were good, but she heard that your work was *really* good from what other gals had said they’d seen in person… soooo, I always pretty much 100% trust her recs (she has GREAT taste) but what really sold me was when I went to your blog and saw that a) your work was good (I also checked out your wedding shots and stuff) b) you had a studio so I wouldn’t have to spend $$$ on a hotel room – and you obviously have to be *good* to have a full time studio to do boudoir! c) you had some great specials going and were priced in line with other photographers I’d looked at and d) there were some good reviews on your site 🙂

What was it that made you decide to work with me? I’d pretty much decided before I even contacted you. BUT if you hadn’t been so prompt in replying or didn’t seem to have your stuff together, I probably would’ve used someone different. You got back to me quickly (even with being overseas!) and I really like how you have it all organized (the contract, payment, client website, etc.)

What stood out for you about the experience? I was soooo comfortable!! Normally I avoid even looking at myself nekkid in the mirror, let alone having my boyfriend see me just walking around in my skivvies; and I would’ve never dreamed I’d be that comfy in front of a stranger! You’re awesome 🙂

What would you tell your friends about booking a session with me? I’ve already told them they HAVE to!!! They’re all excited to see the pics too – I’m 100% positive it’ll prove to them that they don’t have to be supermodel perfect to still be made to look (and feel) like hot stuff!

Miss M – At her friend’s home in Austin, Texas – blog post

Have I mentioned how TOTALLY awesome you are?!?!?!?! OMG – they’re the BEST things ever!!!!!

Mrs. T’s Boudoir Session at Hotel Zaza in the Museum District, Houston, Texas

The album is perfect.. The finished product is more that I expected. And my husband just loved it.. His eyes got really big when he saw the first picture, and wider as the he flipped through the pages. After he was finished, he said that he thinks that is the best gift he has ever received…. I can’t think of anything that could have been better. You didn’t a fantastic job…
Thanks again….

Miss L– At her home in Houston, Texas

Thank you again for yesterday! I had such a great time with you! I felt so comfortable and really left the session with more confidence and really loving myself more!

Miss K – At my studio in The Heights, Houston, Texas

A future client asked to speak with a client that I had worked with to get feedback on doing a session – this is what Miss K sent to her, and kindly granted me permission to post here!

Christine and I had our boudoir session on Wednesday, July 2nd, and I’m so happy to recommend her. I’m happy that I decided to do it. Christine was wonderful – a consummate professional. Even standing there in my skivvies, she always made me feel comfortable and beautiful (and her photos reflected that).

I arrived and showed Christine what I’d brought to wear. I put on the first outfit (my most tame), and we played with different poses and backgrounds. It was not embarassing at all because Christine really takes care of you (ie makes sure that you look great in the shots and that you’re looking/feeling natural). We did all kinds of poses, from being on the bed in more “come hither” poses (but classy “come hither” poses) to sitting in chairs in more portrait-ish style (stuff that can sit on my fiance’s desk at work). Christine also took some great candids and journalistic shots that I will treasure.

All in all, I’m thrilled to have had the experience, and I trust Christine so much. She has a great eye, and her work is beautiful. But mostly, we just had fun, and she really took her time, attended to every little detail, and really impressed me with her personality and professionalism. I simply cannot say enough great things about both the experience and Christine! Enjoy your session, if you decide to book one, and best wishes.

Miss T – Boudoir Session at her home in Austin, Texas

The same future client mentioned above also exchanged emails with Miss T. Below are the questions she was sent and her answers about her session.

What as involved? Well, she showed up and I had my makeup and hair all done. She sort of re-arranged the spot we were shooting in – hid things that would look bad in the pictures, then she had me sit on this bed and she started shooting. She would stop and suggest something – like holding a pillow in front of me, or tell me to hold a certain thing I was doing. I kept getting more and more comfortable and she would take pictures while we talked. It was really very easy.

Was it embarrassing? I think embarrassing is too strong a word. At times, and just due to the fact that I don’t take some of my clothes off in front of other women every day, it was a little uncomfortable. However, Christine kept me laughing and kept making jokes that made those little uncomfortable moments completely forgettable.

Did you do completely nude? No. Most of my shots were either in lingerie or draped with a sheet. No nudity for me. 🙂

Did you do it alone or with your husband? Alone. I don’t have anyone special in my life right now, but I loved the idea of having these really great pictures of me to show that special someone when he finally decides to show up in my life. 🙂

What was your experience with her? I loved it. Truly, it was really fun! I was surprised how after the initial sort of tentativeness, that I all of a sudden got really into it. Christine made me feel super at ease and just made is seem totally natural. I loved it and would do it again in a heartbeat!

What kind of poses did you do? I guess the best part about the whole thing is, you don’t have to pose. You do what comes naturally and Christine will sort of direct you as to what looks best to the lens. She is very good at making sure only those body parts you are comfortable with showing are displayed and that others are hidden or draped with fabric, etc. It makes you feel confident that the pictures are going to display only the very best of you.