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Pretty in Pink!

I’m about to unplug the computer, pack my bags, and head out for the Orlando airport so that I can return home. It has been such a fabulous trip to Florida, and I had a wonderful time meeting everyone and learning so many fantastic things. There is change in the air, and it is wonderful! I feel like my head is just exploding with ideas – so now I just need to polish them up!

I’ve had such fantastic interest in the Boudoir sessions that I will be offering starting this month, I thought I would post an update on them. If you have any feedback you would like to share, I would *love* to hear it — I know what I would want out of a session, and it seems to fit what most people want too, but if you have ideas please share away!

Boudoir sessions will be available on location (your house or a hotel room that you rent), or at my studio space in the Heights (starting in mid-June). If you have friends that would like to do sessions too and you want to get an awesome hotel suite and have a mini-marathon, that is fantastic! Feel free to contact me to see what dates are available for that. I am also coordinating a mini-marathon within the next few weeks and will post about it here.

I’ve decided that instead of packages, I will be going with sessions + a la carte items initially. I am planning to have 3 or 4 different levels of albums available, from press-printed coffee table types of books to art books and then complete flushmount albums like the ones I offer to wedding clients. That way, you can choose what fits your needs best! This is where I would love feedback though – I think most people want albums, but does an album + prints package fit your needs better? Or the whole thing rolled into one with the session fee?

Bedroom EyesNow for the special offer!!! For anyone that books a session in the month of June – it doesn’t have to do the session in June, just book it – the session fee will be waived! (Weekend appointments are very limited due to my schedule.) There is a $100 date reservation fee, and you will get a $100 credit for products that you can use towards albums and prints. To book a session, please contact me through the “Contact” link on all the pages which will take you to an email form – this helps me follow up with you. Sessions must be booked by June 30th, 2008 and the reservation fee must be received within 5 days of scheduling your session to hold the date.

(PS – I’m about to get on a plane so I’ll be offline for about 5 hours between the airport and the flight and the drive home – if you email me today I might not respond until tomorrow. I will respond though, I promise!)

As for the “Pretty in Pink!” title of this post — I have ideas for a new website, new branding, and so much more for this! I told you I was just buzzing with ideas!

(Update: I added a photo from my most recent boudoir session to this post — so now it is extra pretty in pink!)

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