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A Plus-Size Model in Sports Illustrated? About Damn Time!

Curves in Bikini's - Swimsuits for All - Sports Illustrated Plus Size Model Ashley Graham

The media was buzzing last week when Tess Holliday was signed by Milk. Like most women, I was glad to see that there was an agency out there that got it. That figured out that at 5’5″ and a size 14, I was never going to look like their waif models. Finally, someone like me.

But there was another side to the story, the one that we were talking about but the media wasn’t. Over and over, I kept having conversations with friends about it.

“So what if Milk signed her? I mean … maybe it is all a PR stunt. They are getting tons of great press over it. It doesn’t mean anyone will book her to work.”

We were still taking a guarded stance.

Then THIS happened. This add above, and the video that accompanies it.

Ashley Graham will be the first plus size model in Sports Illustrated’s infamous Swimsuit Issue.

I’m sure that Ashley is also signed to an agency, but it never got buzz about signing her. This isn’t her first modeling gig, she has worked for Addition Elle before.

Of course, we as women are such skeptics. I’ve already heard questions about it. How much nip & tuck did they do to her? How much of it is real, and what is Photoshop?

(Oh, the lies of the Perfection Culture. They are strong ones.)

I don’t know that you can Photoshop a video though, and personally, I don’t think she looks that different than she did in the Addition Elle ads.

I’m holding out hope that things are changing. Plus, how hot are curves in bikini’s?! I love this ad!

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