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News, News and More News!

The Crazy Chicks
All the photos on this post were taken the first full day in Mexico, when we had free time to explore Carmen and Teochteilan.

We have an air date now for the Rachael Ray wedding episode! It will air on Friday, November 21, 2008 on your local NBC station. You may have seen my previous post about how she came to Houston and put together a fabulous wedding for 40 couples that were victims of the Bella Terrazza and Tuscany of Garden Oaks closing. I took photographs of three fabulous couples after the ceremony, and I’ll post photos of them after the show airs!

My DVR is all set to record the show! We had to sign releases for them to air footage of us shooting, but I’m not sure if they will actually show me or not. Lets hope that if they do, it is something flattering, and not me in one of those crazy photographer positions that we get into to get the best light and angles!

Amigo Canon or Nikon?
Left: My friend who made me lunch and laughed with me at my poor Spanish.
Right: Ruben wanted him to name the bunny Nikon, but I think Canon sounds much better!

Speaking of the Bella Terrazza and Tuscany of Garden Oaks situation, I’ve selected a couple to receive free wedding day photography coverage! (The first couple whose name I drew had already been picked by another photographer too!) I’ll post more about that as soon as we have all the details ready and I have photos!

Now for the other big news! I’ve been a huge fan of Anne Ruthmann’s photography work ever since I first discovered her online. If I remember right, it was one of her informative photographer forum posts that first caught my eye. I found myself nodding my head in agreement with every word. Over the past year, I’ve been lucky enough to meet her and get to know her even better – she is an awesome woman, and so inspiring! So it was such a thrill to get an email from her last week while I was in Mexico asking me if I would be interested in being an editor for her PhotoLoveCat site. I’m all about sharing knowledge, so I was so giddy about the opportunity! I’m in good company with Anne and the amazing Jillian Kay – check it out!

Studio Express Crochet
Riding From the Hip
Top Row: The arts – photography and fiber arts (crochet) – my favorites!
Bottom Row: From the Hip shots around town.

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Are those multi-colored chicks in the top pic? *sad face* I hope that it doesn’t hurt them! I like Nikon the bunny! He has good taste 😉

I shall be watching for you tomorrow. RR gives me a headache (over perky!) but I’ll suffer for you!

Love the Street Photography. Nice and sharp with shallow depth of field really help the subjects jump out at you. I like the high saturation as well 🙂

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