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New Product Line Addition!

WPPI was a whirlwind, and I think I am finally all caught up from everything — although there is still a lot more to do! I just got the notification though that I’ve been approved for my latest product line addition, so I just HAD to share the news about it right away!

While Elaine & I walked through the tradeshow looking at all the new & exciting album options (she helped me pick some new, awesome album vendors), we turned the corner and spotted the jewelry booth and stopped right there in front of it. We may have even both had our mouths wide open in awe of how awesome this jewelry really is. I resisted the urge initially to set up an account with them and order studio samples because I wanted to carefully make decisions and not jump the gun on any choices. I mean, there were hundreds of booths, with show specials at many of them – I couldn’t sign up for every single thing.

But after sleeping on it, I had to go back the next day and sign up. I have a studio sample kit coming that I will be sharing with anyone willing to see it, and I was even able to pick up a few extra samples of items that I’ll be personalizing for myself so I can wear them and show them off all the time!

I really don’t think I could pick one favorite item from all that they offer – I am getting several different pendants, a watch, a keychain, a cell phone charm, and even cufflinks! Just think – how awesome would it be to present your groom with a set of cufflinks on your wedding day that had maybe a photo of the two of you from your engagement session, or a shot from your bridal shoot? Or maybe a photo of his parents on their wedding day – something linking him to his past? Wouldn’t that be fun?

All of the jewelry is .925 solid sterling silver fine jewelry, not silver-plated. You can get it wet – even wear it in the shower!

You can order products from them directly, but if you order them from me during the “Early Bird Special” on your photo gallery, the same discount would apply — and I’ll take care of placing the order for you! The jewelry is all so gorgeous – I can’t wait for it to come in so I can share!

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How cute! before I clicked on the link – I was thinking of a store I saw back in the summer that offered what you were describing – how cool to find out it was the exact same store! 🙂

Ooh! Yay! Can’t wait to see the items persoanlized with our photos! Drop me an e-mail & tell me what I need to do to customize my cell phone charm (and did I get a pendant too? I can’t remember).

Oh, that stuff is so cool. I would love to do bracelets with pictures of each of the brides in “our” wedding dress. I probably can’t afford it right now, but it’s nice to dream!

I was VERY tempted by this place too. For my wedding I had self-made somewhat a charm photo bracelet of everyone that is deceased in my family to carry them with me. I would have LOVED to have this NICE of a version. Once I get things settled I’m definitely signing up with them – great choice!

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