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New Orleans Boudoir Photography – Mrs. S’s Beautiful Session!

New Orleans Boudoir Photography

One of the perks of living in Houston is that I can easily do New Orleans boudoir photography sessions. New Orleans is one of my favorite cities – I am there once a quarter, and the sessions are always SO much fun! I love being able to bring my work to the fabulous Hot Mamas of New Orleans and the rest of Louisiana as well.

Mrs. S doesn’t live in New Orleans – she actually drove TWO hours to come do a session with me! I was so honored that she coordinated making that happen, leaving the kids at home with her husband to spend a fantastic afternoon with me. (I always hear the BEST stories of what wives tell their husbands about where they are going when they are really coming in for a boudoir session for a gift. You sometimes have to get a bit creative to get out of the house without spoiling the surprise!)

Mrs. S originally was looking for a boudoir photographer for one of her girlfriends who wanted to do a session. Her girlfriend ended up deciding not to do one, but Mrs. S was so excited about it, she went ahead and booked one for herself! How awesome is that?

I loved her enthusiasm before the shoot – she told me that it was her dream shoot! She absolutely LOVES New Orleans and we were able to incorporate her wedding dress (while showing off some skin!) to make it a dream come true. She did the session as a gift for her firefighter husband who works in the oil field, and we had such a fabulous time!

Thank you again, Mrs. S for allowing me to share your photographs! (As per my privacy policy, I never share things without my clients saying that it is ok!)

A few days after our session, Mrs. S sent me the sweetest email thanking me for the session, and I loved how she summed up the experience:
“As I drove away from you Sunday night, a little teary-eyed, I realized I haven’t felt that good about me being me in so very long. You managed to make me feel like I was on top of the world, not like I was doing something derrogatory or dirty.”

That? That is why I do what I do. I love being able to share that feeling with Hot Mamas!

In New Orleans and want to know when I’ll be back so you can book a session with me? Keep an eye on Travel Dates (aka the Hot Mama World Tour!) page, and contact me to let me know that you are interested and I’ll notify you when the next dates are set up!

Here are more from her session!

New Orleans Boudoir Photography International House

Boudoir Photographer New Orleans

Bouodoir Photography New Orleans

New Orleans Boudoir Photographer

Boudoir Photography New Orleans at International House

Here is that wonderful wedding dress she brought along to incorporate in to her boudoir session – so beautiful!

New Orleans Boudoir Photography

How hysterical (and awesome) is this t-shirt that her husband bought for her that she brought along!

Hooters Boudoir Photography

New Orleans Hooters Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photography Hooters New Orleans

She also brought along her favorite pair of boots and cute dress, and we headed down to the lobby of the hotel and headed outside!

Cowboy Boots

New Orleans Boudoir Photography

Hot Mama Boudoir Photography New Orleans

New Orleans Photography

Glamour Photography New Orleans

While we were out walking around the area and taking photos, we spotted this car. Mrs. S told me it was her dream car – so we had to get a photograph with it! RAWR!

New Orleans Glamour Photographer

Don’t forget — if you’re in New Orleans and want to set up a boudoir, beauty or glamour session, let me know! Watch the Travel Dates page, and contact me so you’ll be at the top of the list for booking your session!

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Isn’t it gorgeous, Christina? Her wedding was 3 years ago and I didn’t photograph it, so unfortunately I don’t have wedding photos of hers to share! It was fun for her to bring it back out and include it in the shoot!

Ms. S… You are Hot!!!! The blue dress and cowboy boots really say a lot about who you are! Those boot are made for walking girl! Walk like a HOT MAMA!!!

This day was the most fun!! Christine and I meshed within 20 minutes, her super silly but hilarious jokes still crack me up. Fo Drizzle!! Thank you all for the sweet sweet words! EVERY WOMAN Should do this for thierselves. She captured every aspect of ME! I have pictures to share with my husband, and pictures to smirk and smile about (that’ll i’ll prob keep for myself); as well as ones can put on my desk as work or give to my mother. Christine shows all sides of sexy! As she told me I would / Im ready to do another!!! Truly that day back in July is one that makes me smile. Thinking about to the story I told to get out of the house, the 2 hour drive down to New Orleans, walking 4 blocks with a duffle bag and a HEAVY wedding dress, prancing around a hotel room (half-dressed with a stranger), giggling outside in the streets (FINDING THAT AMAZING TRANS-AM) to the drive back home. The Day was FABOULOUS! Highly recommend Christine and Highly recomend doing this for yourself!


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