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New Gallery Feature Coming Soon! ProPhoto3 Blog Theme

I loved the ProPhoto2 theme for my blog that I’ve used for some time, and I didn’t upgrade to ProPhoto3 right away. But then I learned all about their new gallery features, and I knew I had to have it! Soon I’ll be using it to create featured galleries, and I can’t wait!

Another perk is that when you create a new post in WordPress, they have it set up so that you can insert all of your photos into your post all at once. This is awesome if you have 20+ images to upload and will really speed things up!

So I didn’t post yesterday, instead focusing on getting everything in place. Now there is a cool “subscribe by email” link up there in the navigation bar which will let you get the latest blog posts via email. How cool is that? Be sure to sign up!

Considering upgrading your blog theme? Pick up a copy of ProPhoto3! Use the code CHRTRE724 and get $10 off on your purchase!

All of this hard work has been fueled by a gift of delicious, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate covered caramels by V Chocolates. YUM! I was so successful in the first month of my “5 in 10” weight loss program of losing 5 pounds a month this year, losing 7.4 pounds in the month of January, so I’ve been savoring these just one at a time every few days and counting the WeightWatchers points for them! They are so delightful, but I am staying strong!

Then there are the kittens. How can you resist kittens? I think they make every blog post better. This is Maggie (with the pink collar, the two photos on top) and Lincoln, or as I like to call them “the twins”. Little balls of love!

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I agree with your kitten statement. Too bad I am really allergic to cats, or else I would have at least 2. I am also really pumped to upgrade to ProPhoto3. Those new slide shows look pretty darn sweet. Thanks!!!

Awww, adorable kittens Christine! I may need help with my ProPhoto3. I want to do away with my website and make my my blog the website, but it’s been a nightmare. I posted a long post about it on the RCPB forum on flickr.

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