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For a few years, I had a Canon G2 that served me very well. Oh, how I loved that camera. Over time, the battery wore out, and I moved up to using my Canon 20D dSLR.

Lately, I’ve longed for a small camera again. I use my iPhone from time to time for quick random photo needs (I love to snap shots of whacky things while out shopping!), but it just isn’t the same as a good point & shoot camera. Last summer while at the Elevate Workshop, I fell in love with Ann Hamilton’s tiny little Leica. We even did a movie with it! Then when we were in Germany later last summer, Mike caught me in Wurzburg with my nose against the glass as I drooled over their Leica display. I even did a price comparison on buying one while I was there! It wasn’t going to be a savings though, so I waited.

I’ve missed photo opportunities because I didn’t want to bring my “work” camera along. Between the body & lenses, both the weight of my gear and the value of it would make me leave it at home. Now where is the fun in that? I love to take pictures! I need a camera that is convenient!

While in Vegas, I came across the Leica booth. The wait was over. As I talked to them about the Leica D-Lux-3 and the top of the line glass in the camera, one of the largest sensors on the market, the ability to go completely manual (not just in exposure – but in focus too!), the ability to shoot RAW, and so much more that the guys at Samy’s Camera confirmed it all for me again, I took the plunge and came home with this beauty! I had been looking at the Canon G9 – the grown-up version of my old G2 – but after talking with the guys at Samy’s, I am confident in my decision. It may have cost just a little bit more, but for all of the features, options, the longer warranty, and everything else – I love it!

Now I just need to pick up a SD card reader so I can get the shots I took with it off of it and onto the computer! Can’t WAIT! I just wish I had had it on Sunday & Monday so I could have taken photos at the parties!

By Christine

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Most of the laptops manufactured in the last couple of years have a card reader built in. Yours doesn’t?

When my husband took my digital camera (Canon PowerShot SD550) to take pictures of my daughter’s first volleyball tourney of the season — he was disappointed and knew what I was dealing with. Indoor pictures of people moving are blurry.

The only way to cut the blur is to use the flash – which is just as bad. I put the Canon E0S 40D on my wish list, but I think it may be way more than I need. You know how I suck at taking pics. Besides, I want to be able to carry it everywhere not a heavy load like you said.

So is the Leica the solution or is there something else? Good golly, I spent so much time researching when I picked the SD550 and I still couldn’t get it right!

I’m not surprised you’re a professional photographer, Christine! You’ve always taken fantastic pics and have a real eye for it.

Took pictures of my little guy’s birthday party and my camera PO’d me some more… it wouldn’t take pictures some of the time no matter how many times we kept pressing the button. Fresh battery, too.

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