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Ms. T’s San Francisco Boudoir Photography Session

San Francisco Boudoir Photographer California - Ms T

Last summer I took the Hot Mama Tour on the road and set up San Francisco boudoir photography sessions. While I was there, I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Ms. T. Ms. T & I go way, way back – we first met years ago when she let me stay at her house when she lived in Austin and I needed a last minute place to stay during SXSW Interactive. Oh, what a trip that was – we had the best time that week! We simply clicked, rather immediately. Well, once I remembered to use my inside voice at 1am in her apartment.

Back when I very first started doing boudoir sessions, Ms. T let me photograph her — and it changed everything. I think hers was the second or third session I ever did. Afterwards, when she saw the photos, she told me, “Everyone always tells me I’m beautiful, and I’m like ‘Whatever!’ But you made me see why they say that. You made me see how beautiful I really I am.”

She didn’t know until I told her about that this summer, but I still get choked up when I talk about that moment. It makes me cry. It was an absolutely life-changing moment for me, which lead me on the path to where I am today. I owe her everything for making me see the power of these photography sessions.

It has been 4 and a half years since that first session, so it was wonderful to get a chance to photograph her again! Since she lives in San Francisco now, we did her boudoir photography session there at my friend Tess & RC’s studio in Alameda. A Sunday morning full of crazy laughter, these are just a few of the photos from our day – shared, of course, with permission from Ms. T, as per my Privacy Policy.

Alameda Boudoir Photography Session

San Francisco Boudoir Photographer

Ms T San Francisco CA Boudoir Photography Session

Ms T San Francisco Boudoir Photography

San Francisco Boudoir Photographer Ms T

As T & I were emailing about which photos I was going to use for this post, she sent me this note. Just like the last time I photographed her, she made me cry all over again…


Thank you for once again showing me how beautiful the world is through your eyes.

I actually have gained weight since the last time you shot me and you know what? I DGAF*. I didn’t care because when I saw the photos that you took of me, I realized that no matter what the scale says, your lens says something else. Your lens says that I am beautiful – with all the rolls and lumps and bumps and scars. For that, I love you. I love you for making me feel beautiful and powerful and capable of being loved.

Thank you!

*I Don’t Give A F.

Ms T San Francisco Boudoir Photographer

San Francisco Boudoir Photography Ms T

Thank you, thank you, thank you Ms. T – for all of the many amazing things you have done for me over the years, for the countless hours of laughing so hard it hurts, for introducing me to Domino Magazine (sadly now gone), for your design help, for being an aunt to my son, for understanding that I deserve nice things, for putting up with me, for your encouragement, for believing in me, and most of all – for trusting me. You have had a far more significant impact on my life than I believe you will ever know, and I love you for that.

I can’t wait to return to San Francisco and see you again SOON!

Alameda Boudoir Photography Ms T

(The black t-shirt on the left was purchased for my husband as a gift from Prather Ranch Meat Co., where I had one of several amazing burgers while I was in San Francisco. Go there when you visit!)

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