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Mrs M’s Boudoir Session – Houston, Texas

Houston Boudoir Photographer - Mrs M

Mrs M came to me while she was planning her wedding initially, and I knew there was something special about her from our very first email exchange. To start with, I saw it in her email address – her middle name & my middle name, Eliese, is the same! (Although hers is spelled the more traditional way of Elise.) Then, their wedding & reception were being held at the exact same venues where my husband & I had our wedding and reception. How cool is that?! But most importantly, it was her bubbly personality and effervescent charm that just came through each and every email we exchanged that won me over. When she decided to do a boudoir session for her groom-to-be, I was so thrilled!

Little Blue Box from Tiffany - Houston Boudoir Photography

Mrs M - Houston Boudoir Photographer Texans Fan - Houston Boudoir Photography

The photo on the left is the shot that has since inspired me to suggest to clients to consider bringing an outfit that isn’t lingerie to their sessions. She was wearing that adorable blue top, and I just had to make sure we got a photograph of her in that before we started her shoot! That way, he can put it on his desk at work because she is just too gorgeous! Of course, she brought his favorite team jersey with her as well!

Go Texans! Houston Boudoir Photographer

Mrs M - Boudoir Photography Houston Laughing - Boudoir Photography Houston

My boudoir photography may look all sexy, serious & glamorous, but if you want to know the truth – we tend to laugh like crazy through most of the session. One of these days I’m going to put “Professional Dork” on my business cards. I do what I can to entertain!

Houston Boudoir Photographer - Mrs M Houston Boudoir Photographer - Mrs M

Houston Boudoir Photography - Mrs M Mrs M - Houston Boudoir Photographer

Mrs. M was kind enough to send along this review to share with you about her experience:

For someone that only likes taking pictures when I look good & always hate how they turn out since I’m not a size 2, I took a huge leap by getting a boudior session for my now husband’s wedding gift. Since I hired Christine for my wedding photos it was a no brainer that I would hire her for a boudior session. I booked one of the amazing packages she offers and holey moley did my size 18, 5’1 self look hot! I never thought of myself to be hot until I saw her photos…of me! Obviously when we first started I wasn’t completely comfortable (I mean come on, I’m wearing hardly anything taking pictures) but as soon as we got going I quickly felt as though I was goofing around with my best friend. I didn’t care if anyone saw me because once she showed me a few images I realized I had nothing to worry about. Christine takes images that accentuate your best features and minimize the ones you aren’t too fond of, which makes for beautiful pictures. I never felt awkard or uncomfortable because she goes through what you want to show & what you don’t. I am definitely wanting to do this again and will only go to Christine (which means I have to travel to Houston since I don’t live there anymore….totally worth it!).

Mrs M - Houston Boudoir Photographer White Sheet

Thank you again to Mrs. M for allowing me to share her photographs here! You are so stunning and gorgeous, and I can’t wait to see you again when you’re back in Houston!

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Mrs. M’s wedding was so fun to shoot and her personality really shines through in these images! Way to go Christine! You showed how beautiful Mrs. M is inside and out!

Mrs M just proves that you don’t have to be a size 0 to look hot and absolutely gorgeous! Her pictures came out awesome!

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