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Miss M – Boudoir Session in Austin, Texas

Back in September, before Hurricane Ike decided to drop in to Houston for a visit – leaving me without power for 14 days – I went to Austin for a boudoir session with Miss M. She is getting married in October, and what better way to support a member of our troops than with a set of pinup photos of his wife! On top of that, Miss M has worked hard to lose weight during his most recent deployment, so these shots were also a celebration of her hard work between Weight Watchers and Jazzercise. We all agreed she needs to be their new representative, because she is so inspiring!

We held the session at a house, and we were blessed with fabulous light for it! We had a ton of fun – it is hard to get the steamy, sultry shots when you can’t stop laughing!





By Christine

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2 replies on “Miss M – Boudoir Session in Austin, Texas”

First of all, congrats to Miss M for her upcoming wedding. Also, kudos to her for her hard work. It really shows because she looks good!

I like the lighting positioning, especially in the first shots with the camo jacket. They’re hot but not “too much.” The face close-up with the bokeh in the back is my favorite. Well done, Christine!

OH MY GOSH!! This blog is gorgeous, Christine I never would have thought to do a whole seperate blog for boudoir but this is genius!!

Ok, and what an awesome awesome session in this post…bet her husband is super happy 🙂

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