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Miss K – the First Studio Session!

Miss K

Miss K’s boudoir session was the first one held at the new studio in the Heights, and it was fabulous! We had so much fun talking and getting to know one another while choosing spots to use for our photographs. She is so beautiful, her smile is so wonderful, and her laugh is just contagious!

I’ve set up a futon as a bed with cozy white bedding, an awesome wrought iron headboard, and fluffy pillows. The gauzy sheer drapes make a wonderful backdrop, and the light the shooting room is so incredible. We also took advantage of the furniture and rugs – it was just so much fun!

Miss K

Miss K

Miss KI was recently contacted for a reference for a boudoir session, and she sent me a copy of what she sent along — I asked her if I could post it here, and she said yes. Here it is:

Thanks so much for your email. Christine and I had our boudoir session on Wednesday, July 2nd, and I’m so happy to recommend her. I did them for similar reasons as it sounds like you’re considering, and I’m happy that I decided to do it. Christine was wonderful – a consummate professional. Even standing there in my skivvies, she always made me feel comfortable and beautiful (and her photos reflected that).

I arrived and showed Christine what I’d brought to wear. I put on the first outfit (my most tame), and we played with different poses and backgrounds. It was not embarassing at all because Christine really takes care of you (ie makes sure that you look great in the shots and that you’re looking/feeling natural). I did not do any nude shots; the most naked I got was down to my underwear, and I did it alone (without my fiance). We did all kinds of poses, from being on the bed in more “come hither” poses (but classy “come hither” poses) to sitting in chairs in more portrait-ish style (stuff that can sit on my fiance’s desk at work). Christine also took some great candids and journalistic shots that I will treasure.

All in all, I’m thrilled to have had the experience, and I trust Christine so much. She has a great eye, and her work is beautiful. But mostly, we just had fun, and she really took her time, attended to every little detail, and really impressed me with her personality and professionalism. I simply cannot say enough great things about both the experience and Christine! I hope this helps to inform your decision, and if you have any further questions, I’d be more than happy to answer them.

Enjoy your session, if you decide to book one, and best wishes.

Thank *YOU* Miss K for being so wonderful to work with — I just know your fiance´ is going to love them!

Miss K Miss K


Miss K

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Wow! These are really awesome and her fiance’ is going to fall over when he sees how hot she looks in these! I’m in total love with the first image, what a great session Christine!

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