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Mercedes & Tim!

Mercedes & Tim had such a beautiful, wonderful and very moving wedding on November 10th. They both have such a deep faith, and it was so evident in the ceremony – it was really moving! The minister shared so many great stories about the two of them, their relationship, how they came together. I knew from my questionnaire that Mercedes had completed beforehand that Tim actually proposed to her at the altar of the church, and he played the song “If I Have Not Love” by Matt Redman — which was also played at the ceremony and we used it in the slideshow too!

It was truly just a lovely day, and Elaine & I both wish them nothing but the best in the future that lies ahead!

The ceremony was at the West Oaks Fellowship, followed by a fantastic reception at Vargo’s. The DJ was Complete Music, and I need to find out from Mercedes the name of the cake maker and florist. Her jewelry was from James Avery.

There are SO many great photos! Below are some of our favorites. The slideshow is at the end of the post.

West Oaks FellowshipMercedes' Wedding Dress

Getting Ready

Tim - Flower

Elaine was with Tim and the groomsmen, and caught this wonderful moment of Tim having his boutonniere pinned on to his tuxedo.

Long Ribbons

As a photographer, sometimes you take a photo and as click the shutter you realize it is THE shot you wanted. Before you ever see it. It is … just right. This was one of those shots for me. It was exactly what I wanted, and it makes me happy every time I look at it. I love how you can feel when you look at it that all the focus is on Mercedes, and it is about making her as stunning as possible for her wedding day.


The Dress

The Bride's Shoes

The Shoes


While I was with Mercedes and the bridesmaids, we could her Mercedes dad singing in the church. Elaine was with Tim and the groomsmen, and she captured these great shots of him performing.

Feeling Like a Princess

I just love how happy she looks in t he mirror as her mother puts on her veil. I had checked to make sure she was somewhat in the mirror when I started shooting, but the rest of it was just a happy discovery when I went to look at the photos afterwards, after firing away while they put they veil in place. I love the surprises like that!

The Veil



Tim, seeing Mercedes for the first time as she walks down the aisle.


Mercedes, smiling as she looks back at him. I think they both kept their eyes locked on one another the whole time!




Taken by Elaine during the ceremony. A great perk of having two photographers at our weddings is the ability to get different angles at the same time. I love how focused they are on one another, and you can see it in both of their faces.


Another photo by Elaine, and one that demonstrates what I often say – our styles really do create a cohesive whole. I thought this was my photo until I looked to see which camera took the photo (we both shoot Canon, but different models) and I saw that it was hers, not mine.

Please enjoy the slideshow of photos from their big day! The slideshow by itself can be found here.

All of the photos can be found online by going to the Client’s section, registering for the site, and using the access code of the couple’s last name to view them. If you have any questions, or you would like to view the wedding as a perspective client, please let me know!

On a side note, can I just say that on a personal level, I’m really glad that November is behind me? I’m feeling better every day, and will be really glad when I’m out of this recovery phase. I do find that I’m a bit drained when I go out and do stuff, but that is to be expected I guess since I’m only 2 weeks post-op. I sort of keep forgetting that, and it surprises me when I can’t do things! But the one thing I can do now, when I’m not sleeping (I have been doing a lot of that), is edit photos! So expect a lot more to be coming soon!

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wow, you’re right that is “THE shot” I love the one of them threading the ribbon on the back of her dress. I love how the ribbon directs your eye to Mercedes. Beautiful!

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