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Megan & Cruz’s Engagement Session – Austin, Texas

It is always so much fun to get to finally meet our destination wedding clients in person – even when their destination for their wedding is in our own backyard practically! Ok, ok, in Texas terms that is! Megan & Cruz were living in Boston when we first started to email and talk about their wedding plans. Megan is originally from California, and Cruz is originally from Texas and attended the University of Texas, and Austin is near & dear to his heart so they decided to have their engagement session at the Texas State Capital and on the UT campus.

I headed over from Houston on a lovely January day to meet up with them at the Capital Building. I always love how blue the sky is in the winter! We met up on the lawn and did some shoots with the big huge Live Oak Trees before heading into the building itself. There was a bridal session taking place in the rotunda, so we decided to wander off down the halls instead to look for our own spots!

I have to confess that I’ve lived in Texas for 25 years, but this was my first time in the capital. It was awesome! I love great, grand buildings. I’ll have to go back sometime to do the full tour now!

From there, we headed over to the University of Texas campus. The sprawling lawns, open plazas & rows of trees are just so stunning! It was fun walking around and finding new spots here and there for our photo backdrops – and of course, we had to head over to the main plaza and to take photographs with the Belltower in the background!

We found this alcove as we were walking around, and it was the perfect shelter for Megan who was getting quite cold. The light in there was amazing, but what I was most fascinated by was all the seashell fossils in the limestone walls! I’m a total geology geek, I can’t deny it. I love rocks! They might just be laughing at me in the shot below because I was so giddy over the fossils in the walls!

This is yet another one of my flashback posts – there is so much good stuff from last year that I didn’t ever blog about! We did their engagement session a year ago today, so it seemed fitting to share it now! If you would like to check out their Destination Wedding at the Woodlands Resort (well, destination for them and most of their guests – I live 45 minutes away, but they were in California by then), just follow the links here for part 1 and here for part 2!

Thank you again Megan & Cruz for allowing us to be such a special part of your lives last year! I had so much fun spending time with you, getting to know you, and working with you!

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Christine — It is so fun to see these pictures posted here. Cruz and I had a great time with you in Austin, and we love the pictures that came out of the shoot. Thanks so much!

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