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Liz & Dave – Texas A&M Engagement Session

Love is Academic


I went Texas A&M back in the late ’80s, so I was thrilled to have the chance to return to the campus to photograph Liz & Dave’s engagement session back in December! I’ve been back for a Final Review or two and a few games over the years, but this was one of the first times that I just walked around campus. It was so quiet and peaceful due to being winter break, and it was just incredible to be there.

Liz & I have actually known each other for some time as part of the Houston knitter community and thanks to our blogs, so it has been so much fun to be a part of her wedding plans. It was great to finally get to meet Dave in person too, after hearing about him for some time!

Dave proposed to Liz at the Bell Tower on the Texas A&M campus, and since the campus is a part of their history we really wanted to capture them there. We’ve also talked of doing a special session with them in their Fencing gear, as Fencing is a big part of what brought them together as a couple! I hope we get to do it – it would be so cool!

Their wedding day is coming up at the end of March – I can’t WAIT!

The Bell Tower

We started the day at the Bell Tower.

The Spot

Dave told me after I suggested using this wall for a background that we were pretty much right at the spot where he proposed to Liz. How cool is that?

In The Tower

Fun with Flare Fun with Flare!

After we left the Bell Tower, we moved on to the Century Tree. This shot on the right was an “oops” – but I love the crazy flare!

Century Tree

The Century Tree has been a major fixture on Texas A&M’s campus since Old Army Days, planted in approximately 1898. Located in Academic plaza between Hart and Legett Residence Halls, it has become a favorite romantic spot among students.

As the legend goes, if two lovers walk underneath the tree’s massive branches together, it is a sign that they will eventually marry. Moreover, If two lovers propose under the Century Tree, it is a sign that their marriage will last forever. – From Replant Texas A&M.

Love to Last a Lifetime

Bling Shot

Century Tree

Century Tree

Century Tree

H2O Fountain

Thanks, Liz!  ;-)

I think Liz was starting to get a bit cold and therefore pretty feisty! Haha!

Scoates Hall

Liz suggested walking over to Scoates Hall because the building has some cool, ornate decorations. We were all amused to realize that there are rats running throughout the corn! Texas A&M has deep roots in Agriculture (thus the “A” in “A&M”), so it wasn’t too surprising, but what a fun discovery!


As we walked back to the cars so we could head off to a restaurant for dinner, we had a great sunset to keep us company. What a perfect ending to a great day on the Texas A&M campus!

Thanks again to Liz & Dave for allowing me the opportunity to remember all the good times I had at A&M – I look forward to returning to the campus again soon!

Sunset at Texas A&M

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Yay! I liked seeing your top choices here. Dave and I had such a great time. I’ll show him the pictures tomorrow; he’s hard at work right now.

Sorry I stuck out my tongue at you 😉 There’s really only so long I can go without making a funny face at the camera.

These are great shots, Christine! I love the “oops” one, too. You picked all of my top choices – and we can tell all 3 of you had fun! I hope the fencing photo works out.

Christine! I spent some time at A&M this past weekend and when I googled thing to photograph, this post about the Century Tree came up! So the first thing I did was take pictures of this same historic oak! =)

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