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Lauren & Dante, The Ceremony

Ready to Roll
Lauren’s dad, checking the time as everyone dried off their flowers to get ready to enter the ceremony.


I’ve already written about the story behind Lauren & Danté’s wedding, so now it is time to get into the photos! Be sure to check out the post about how we ended up photographing their wedding – getting the call to be there 15 minutes before the ceremony was set to start. Also, you can view the photos of their Reception, and coming up in future posts will be the details and the slideshow.

I’m so glad that we were able to be a part of their wedding. They are such fun and fabulous people, and we all agree that it was really just a matter of what was meant to be – we’re so lucky to have made such great friends! (Lauren, we can’t WAIT for your birthday party! It is going to be so much fun!)

The details:
Church: The Woodlands United Methodist Church, Coordinator: Sue Pagel
Reception: Shell Learning Center at The Woodlands Resort and Conference Center, Coordinator: Jennifer Wright
Flowers: The Blooming Idea of The Woodlands, Contact: Mary McCarthy
Cake: The Woodlands Resort and Conference Center
Dress: Watters Brides, purchased at Ventura’s Bridal
Tux: Men’s Wearhouse
Hair: Amine’s Coiffures, stylist: Kevin Matta
Makeup: L’Avantage

Flower Girl

On The Move


Lauren & I both loved this photo – it just seems to wrap up the sense of the emotion of the moment. It is a “mistake” shot, and not everyone likes it – but we both do. I think it is just the sense of the whole experience and the energy of the moment that it captures.

Just Breathe


Lauren started to get a bit freaked out before the ceremony. Considering how stressful the day was with her original photographer not showing up, it is surprising it took her that long! She started doing deep breathing to calm down – and then her dad joined in by blowing on her to help her out. Which was, of course, rather hysterical and made us all laugh! I think that was when the coordinator came out and told us we were making too much noise. Oops!

Going In

Being Goofy Makes It All Better

Stealing the Show Heading Down the Aisle


These two photos are a great example of how Elaine & I work together on a wedding day. I almost always stay with the bride up until the time that she heads down the aisle; then, just as they close the doors before the bride enters, I slide in and speed walk down the side aisle to get the shots of the groom as he sees her for the first time. Meanwhile, Elaine has been inside at the center aisle, photographing the bridesmaids as they enter, and getting these shots. Together, it makes a fantastic blend and we are able to capture so much more. It also takes the stress off of both of us, just in case a flash doesn’t fire or something like that, the other one is able to get the shot because we are both taking photos.

The First Look


Meanwhile, this is where I was. Danté’s first look at Lauren as she came down the aisle. (I talked more about these photos on my previous post.)

Lauren's Entrance


Elaine’s view of Lauren’s entrance. My view is the photograph below.

Lauren's Entrance

Exchanging Vows

The Flowergirl

The Big Picture


More tomorrow from the reception, along with the slideshow!

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I love the colors in these photos. The lighting came out fantastic. Any tips on getting lighting to look so good indoors? P.S. I liked the template you are using so much I adopted it for my own site. It works better for photos than so many of the other WordPress templates.

Wonderful work!

Christine and Elaine,
Just when I think you’ve topped yourselves, I look at this!! This is beautiful. I only wish I had more daughters to marry off so I could hire you for another wedding and we could get the WHOLE package:) Can’t wait to see what comes next!!

Hi Christine and Elaine!

I just want to say what a fabulous story this is! No one would believe it to be true unless you were there and I was! Once again,your professionalism and compassion was very evident both at the wedding festivities but also in viewing these photos. I will always recommend you to whomever. I am so glad you are friends with Lauren and Dante. They are a wonderful and very fun couple. I am so glad everyone at the wedding made you feel welcome because you were not only welcome, you were a Godsend!

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