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Laughter is the Most Fun! Boudoir Photography in Houston, Texas


I always try to find something that will make us laugh at our boudoir session. I have my arsenal of stupid jokes – I can never remember jokes, so the ones I do remember are all very lame and therefore hysterical. Fortunately, Mrs. L liked to laugh just as much as I did, so we had *so* much fun at her session!

She opted to do her session at her house, so we could incorporate things from their everyday life into the shoot. It was a ton of fun! Especially when we started imagining what the neighbors must be thinking if they were looking through the windows. I end up standing on things to get higher angles, laying on the floor – whatever it takes to get the shot. Combine that with a lot of lingerie? Yeah, the laughter is pretty much guaranteed!

People often ask me if their photos have to be up on the blog. It absolutely is not a requirement for any session that I shoot — and every photo that I post here I post only with permission. Mrs. L didn’t want any photos that showed her face to be shared on the site, which I completely respect. She did approve these photos though!






Blue Shirt

Black Ruffles

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I live in Baton Rouge and i was wondering how the boudair photography works…I would love to do it for my husband…
what are the rates and such?

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