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Kleenex & Kittens – Life as Seen Through my iPhone

Linchpin, the Kindle, and Necessities

Want a tip? Buy stock in Kleenex and Halls right now. I’m going through both like they are going out of style. Meanwhile, I’ve spent a lot of time in bed over the past three days catching up on reading. I decided to reread “A Breath of Snow and Ashes” by Diana Gabaldon on my Kindle when the latest book in the Outlander series came out. I’m almost done — I forgot how long these books are! But oh so good!

I’ve also been reading “Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?“, the latest book by Seth Godin. It just became available for public sale yesterday, but I got an advance copy to review. Oh my goodness, it fits SO perfectly with the workshops I attended last week! I’m the only one that can be me. I can’t be replicated or duplicated – and so are you! We are all indispensible, we just have to tap into it. Like I said yesterday, 2010 is going to be a year full of fabulous! It is hard for me to keep on reading it though, because I love reading books on the Kindle so much more. Yes, I rallied against the idea of the Kindle at first, but now it is my favorite way to read books. No matter how you prefer to read, this is definitely a book you should pick up!

If you’re into this sort of thing, be sure to watch this video of Seth Godin on Quieting the Lizard Brain. A phrase I’ll never be able to hear without thinking of Andrew Niesen and the LaCour Workshop.

When I haven’t been sneezing so loud that it scares the kittens, I’ve had Graham snuggling nearby all day today. Wait – did I mention we got *three* kittens at the beginning of the year? Yes, three! They are so lucky that they are cute, because they sure are fiesty! Two of the kittens are siblings, Maine Coons that were left at the front door of Petco one morning in a bucket with no air holes. They are Maggie & Lincoln. The third kitten, and my little gargoyle below, is Graham. His mother & three siblings were hit by a car on the side of the road, and he was the lone survivor. Purrfect Paws rescue took them all in, and actually bottle-fed Graham because he only weighed 9 ounces when they found him! He is definitely the crazy instigator of the bunch, but you have to have a strong spirit to survive all he has been through!

Graham, the Gargoyle Kitten

I’m on the mend, and my beloved 5d mkII and the rest of my gear has returned home from the Canon Day Spa, so the upcoming photos should be more exciting here. Today, iPhone snaps, email & Twitter are all I can handle. Oh, and did you hear that Apple released the iPad today? Cool device, but that name! Seriously? The jokes just never end. I wish Conan was still on the air – he would have a field day!

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