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Just 10 Minutes


I often ask my clients to give me just 10 minutes out of the reception for us to sneak off and get some photographs of them alone. I like to do it while the reception is in full swing and no one is likely to miss them too much.

This set is the result of less than 10 minutes taken out of Emily & Glen’s wedding reception, after dinner and before they cut the wedding cake.

A Little Kiss

The Union The Glow

I really try to avoid stopping and posing photos throughout the wedding day. I never stage shots, telling people to put on the rings again so I can get a closeup, or pretend to repeat the kiss for a photo opportunity. I do pose family and wedding party photographs — and these 10 minutes. I prefer to let the rest of the day be organic and flow. Your wedding isn’t about me, it is about you.

These silhouette images required a little more positioning than usual. I didn’t want lines coming out in weird places. I wanted the reflection on the ground to be just right. I could see the image in my mind – and Emily & Glen were so fantastic about patiently helping me make it a reality. “Just a step forward. Wait, no, half a step back. Move in together. Ok, now lean back.” In the end though, our teamwork took it from the vision to the reality.

Love, Sweet Love Glen

The other perk of the 10 minutes? It gives couples a break from the day. You’re not moving and focused on entertaining everyone else for just a few minutes. You get a break to be alone. You get to snuggle and embrace, laugh and whisper secrets. You get a moment to just focus on your love.

Sometimes, the guy even gets to have a portrait or two alone.

The last photo has nothing to do with the portraits — but there was just no way I could pass those beautiful flowers up without a photograph.


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