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Jacque & Joe’s Wedding – Tomball, Texas

Different By Nature

I started off the day meeting up with Jacque and the rest of the women at Natural Retreat Day Spa along 290 in Houston, Texas. This above photo was the very first shot of the day. The flowergirl had come over to show Jacque how she wanted her hair done. Of course, she had picked some of the craziest styles in the book – and she was not happy to be told no. I have to admit it – the whole thing made me laugh.


Eventually, she moved on to the makeup artists’s chair. I think I freaked the poor gal out when I went to get this shot. She was a bit unsettled by the fact that she didn’t have any makeup on herself, and she was in my photos.

The Flowergirls
Photograph by Elaine Mesker-Garcia.

Elaine met up with me at the salon and we moved on to the venue, Events, Etc. in Tomball, Texas. Elaine was upstairs with the flowergirls and Jacque as they were getting ready, and caught this moment of the final preparations for the flowergirls. They had a hard time keeping still while they waited for the rest of the wedding party to get ready!

Kelly Niemann also joined us for this wedding. We don’t normally have three photographers, but we had wanted to work together and Kelly was available to join us. It was so great to work with her! Thanks, Kelly!

The Rings
Photograph by Elaine Mesker-Garcia.

One of the fun things about working with other photographers is getting to play with their gear! Kelly had these cool spot video lights, and used them to light this photograph for Elaine. I love the spotlight effect on the rings!

Eventually, it was time for the ceremony to begin! It was right as the sun was starting to set, and I love the warm glow that it gave us. We were lucky to have such a nice day for an outdoor wedding!

Here Comes the Bride!

Joe, as he first sees Jacque coming down the aisle. His mother, daughter and sister are right there with him.

Giving Her Away

Jacque’s father, giving her away as her mother watches.

Big Sky

The Wedding Party

The Rings

The Rings & Her Handkerchief

I got a moment to play with the rings and the macro lens while the guests were eating dinner. The handkerchief is a family heirloom.

Cutting the Cake
Photograph by Kelly Niemann.

The First Dance
The First Dance – photograph by Kelly Niemann.

Chicken Dance!

The Chicken Dance! I know a lot of people put this song – along with YMCA – on their “do not play” list for the DJ, but it is so much fun when everyone gets up and dances to them. They pretty much guarantee that people will get up and out on the dance floor – and the photo opportunities are such fun!

Bouquet Toss 1 Bouquet Toss 2

Patron Go Cowboys!

We couldn’t resist getting a shot of the empty bottle of Patron that had been enjoyed throughout the reception, along with the rings. Then the mini bobblehead Dallas Cowboy from the groom’s cake had to be brought out too. Both of these shots were a team effort – I took them, but Elaine & Kelly both played a part in setting them up.

It was a beautiful evening, and I know that Jacque & Joe looked forward to this day for so long. Thank you to both of them for allowing us to be a part of their wedding day!

Their wedding gallery can be viewed online – enjoy!

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