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It is Time to Get Crafty! DIY Your Houston Wedding!

DIY Wedding Flowers

Bianca, one of my fantastic October brides, made her wedding flowers. Made them. And they were gorgeous! So gorgeous, I had to share them right away. (Her wedding was just last Friday, and the rest of the photos will be online soon!) Kari took the photo above – she joined me for the evening of fun, and I’ve now got her hooked on Beaver Nuggets. Which, incidentally, have nothing to do with Beavers. Anyways…

Over the past few years, Bianca is one of many crafty creative brides & grooms we’ve worked with. I always adore seeing what my clients create! I think it just might be my favorite part of the wedding day, discovering what unique things they did to make it all the day all their own.

On Monday, I was thinking about those flowers, and about all of my uber-creative clients. Then I started thinking about how much I love to do crafty things. I love to knit. I’ve crocheted. I used to be a Stampin’ Up rep and I made cards and other goodies all the time. I tend to surround myself with crafty, creative people. Not just photography, but all sorts of crafts. I met Brittany, my fabulous assistant of awesome, because she knits – she also sews, makes jewelry, likes creating paper goods, and the list goes on. Elaine also likes to do a zillion creative things, and is always amazing me with her brilliant ideas. Yes, I like creative people.

And then it hit me. The most awesome idea! Matter of fact, if you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen my post about it — “OMG. I just had an amazing flash of brilliance. Oh. My. If you were here, you would have been blinded by the light of my idea. Squeeeee!!!”

We’re going to start doing crafty events at the studio for your DIY wedding day plans! I’m so excited about this, I could just BURST! I’m working on a schedule of projects, and if you have seen anything that you would like to suggest just let me know! We will start them later this month, and I plan to alternate weeknight and weekend events so that everyone can attend. Floral projects, veil & hairpiece ideas, thank you notes or just moved cards, projects using your engagement or wedding photographs – I’m overflowing with ideas!

I want to set up some open Craft In days as well – bring along your projects, and we’ll and create and talk about wedding goodness, and share lots of great times!

Planning your wedding and looking for some DIY creative ideas? Come on out and join us! Leave a comment and I’ll be sure to add you to our email announcing the official launch, along with some other really big things we have in the works! Squeeeeeee!!!

I need to add a shout out to Sarah at Sew Crafty Houston, as I’m sure their space had some influence on the idea on a subconscious level. I can’t wait to check out their new space on 19th in the Heights; I took a sewing class at their original location earlier this year, and it was wonderful. Definitely check their space out someday if you’re the crafty type!

Bianca DIY Wedding Flowers

Bianca was such a beautiful bride, and I don’t think Robert was able to stop grinning all night! I can’t wait to share more of the gorgeous photos from their wedding soon!

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OK, well, when you come out here you will have to teach me how to use this cutter/embossser thing I bought and haven’t touched in 3 weeks, ok? 🙂

I think the idea is both fun and brilliant, btw! Good luck and enjoy it!

This is a fabulous idea!! Other ideas: DIY invitations (a la Paper Source’s invitation workshops) or DIY flower arrangements (like the ones by Grey Likes Weddings)! And then one more… this is not a DIY wedding idea but have you considered hosting a knitting/crochet group? That would be super fun! 🙂

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