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Is it August Already?

Not just August, but we’re almost at the half-way point into the month! Goodness, where has the time gone? (Ok, being out of town until the 7th probably accounts for a lot of it!) Speaking of vacation, I still have a lot of photos to go through. Well over a thousand, I am sure, although I haven’t counted them yet. I’ll share more of them here once they are ready.

Elaine & I had a delightful meeting yesterday with Mauro & Mariely, one of our November 2007 wedding couples. They will be tying the knot at the end of the month, the day after Thanksgiving. It is neat how the internet works somedays; I updated my contact information at LinkedIn and then went to look for people that I had worked with previously in the web world. Because I updated my previous employer information, and Mauro & I worked together back in 2000 & 2001, he found my profile page – right as they were looking for a wedding photographer! He was one of my favorite graphic designers at work, such a nice guy, and Mariely is just too cute and has a great sense of humor – I know it is going to be such a fun day! I can’t wait! We’re holding out for a little bit cooler weather though for their engagement photographs, since we would melt if we went out right now in this 100+ degree heat. Our lab is speedy fast, so we have such a great turn-around time on prints that it makes it easy to shoot much closer to the wedding day and still have photographs if they want them for various items – signature mats at the reception, custom thank you notes, or whatever they might need.

In other news, I am making plans for attending the Rock Star Wedding Photographer workshop at the end of October with Corey McNabb, recognized by the top in the industry as one of the best out there. I first heard about Corey when I roomed with Regina Holder at the Elevate workshop back in June. She & Corey are in the same area and are really close friends. As an added perk, I’m going to shoot a wedding with Regina the day before the workshop begins, which is sure to be a ton of fun! North Carolina in the fall is an amazing place to be, so I can’t wait! Hmmm… guess I need to get knitting so I’m ready for the cooler weather!

I’m gearing up now for a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT that I’ll have on Wednesday! I may have been off on holiday for awhile there, but things definitely have been going on behind the scenes! Stay tuned for the details!

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